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When Was Sitting Down Discovered? An Exciting History

Is it possible to conceive why humankind has sat for so much time? If we convert all human civilization into a single day, we will sit for just 0.1% of it, approximately 200 years after the beginning of time. The need was once innovative, though, seems obvious when we look back, like ‘how to get self tanner off hands’ 1000 years from now. Was sitting down discovered, or was it present in a previous form? When was sitting down discovered? Let’s find out with Eatnlivewell.

The Early Day

The origins of sitting are indeed lost in the past. However, history shows numerous references to sitting down and instances where we were entailed over long periods of time. Activity Chairs Archaeological discoveries show a need to stop moving as far back as 50-100 thousand years old where faint scratches on the ground line up with poles they were tied onto and rock outcroppings they could rest their heads on.

No one knows the exact origin of sitting – Source: Unsplash

In fact, it is a speculation that the first activity chair was not meant for a break (since there were no words for ‘break’) but rather needed a place to put their heads while sleeping, unlike modern activity chairs which we use as temporary replacements for alternate positions to prevent back damage. Instead when human’s moved onto earth from trees, due to soft ground, sharp plant growth, and lack of comprehensive coordination that trees offered, sitting down became a necessity.

This remained true for hundreds of thousands of years. Then chairs were created. The increased human population caused a need to do more than the most simple hunting, fishing, and gathering. It became necessary to work their living space to increase efficiency – including their dwellings. The first housing demanded a seat. The only way to pick weeds was to sit down and lean over them.

As humans used more area and populations grew, it became more inefficient to move around, using up unnecessary energy continually. Then, sitting slowly became commonplace over common sense. As a result of having little focus on side tools, tools are not thought of as an early invention related to sitting down, although spears may encourage sit-downs. Spearfishing 25-50 thousand years old has been suggested as a period where forcing fish together in schools made it helpful in sitting someone down next to them.

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Who Invented Sitting?

Various theories have been proposed for ‘who invented’ and ‘When was sitting down discovered?’. In China, art from the T’ang dynasty depicts seated citizens, though the earliest framed chairs weren’t used until 500 hundred years later, during the Middle Ages in Europe. 

Who Invented Sitting?
When was sitting invented? – Source: Unsplash

Interestingly, the idea to use seats for rest is possibly related to the Biblical story about the Garden of Eden: Adam sat under a tree when he woke up and saw Eve with him. It was part of the first sin (Adam and Eve ate unauthorized fruit from the Tree of Knowledge). Knowledge regarding the effects of sedentary lifestyles was the critical factor. Having furniture that supports your body reduces stress and keeps joints fluid, meaning you avoid pain and diseases that originate from physical problems. (Ex: back pain).

CS Lewis pictures an angel providing Adam with a special seat, who then gives this advice: “Adam, you’ve been chosen…to attend meetings.” Further examination led to Eugene Thuillier’s words that: “the awkwardness of sitting comes with civilization”; or Gene Roddenberry’s thoughts on STOIDs: Those who sit upright exhibit a strict discipline known only by apes. All wild animals are horizontal – predators as well as prey”.

On the other hand, it could have been invented through human imitation. An influence from natural evolution, not just technical innovation, said erect animal posture seen since prehistoric times in hunting primates hunting animals. We want DIY everything by nature, like ‘nail designs with lines’ for women.

Another theory is that sitting is not a new development in the world but part of the evolution of humanity. The fact that people can sit comfortably on a chair instead of kneeling and crawling makes their modern lifestyle possible.

Meeting someone and getting up is more civilized than grabbing bread or meat when you sit down at your table by slipping and leaning on an old stick or holding your plate with one hand while eating something with another. We can find evidence that Ancient Egyptians lived a hunter-gatherer life because they were mere cave dwellers, unable to make use of agricultural tools like plows, and therefore used no chairs until very recently in history.

Later on, chairs became even more regularly used in the entirety of what we term civilized societies instead of simply erecting a pile of wood with open holes in the middle allowing the occupant to put their feet on it and move themselves around while they sit down.

When Were Chairs Invented?

Even the dark ages and medieval period were preceded by simple chair design, the first use of chair legs, turning them bigger into chairs. After that, chairs started being taken more seriously as a means to travel without getting tired or stiff. Some living practices defined at that time involved sitting around several times a day, even with different personalities represented in medieval society. Roman emperors were using chairs well, probably as much as Europeans two thousand years before that, even though they didn’t have any written proofs of it yet enough anyway.

However, it wasn’t until the end of the 15th century that chairs became an essential part of history. Suppose we take our knowledge back to the 15th century. We have about 300 years (brief though this date is for chair history), which is more than enough time for many advancements during that time period shown above being invented, especially steps like oven bricks when they just started taking unusual shapes.

The furniture first appeared in Italy rather than Germany or France, but then again, it depended on what ‘Italian’ referred to when the Lombards came to power in Italy. Still, if you refer back, you will notice that nothing of letters or patents dwells around chairs, mainly because, according to inscriptions, chairs were hardly figured out room decorations until 1722. 

Chairs’ previous design looks much different from the modern ones’. – Source: Unsplash

Final Words On ‘When Was Sitting Down Discovered?’

As we hope you may acknowledge that sitting is an important piece of our human evolution. You should also realize how deeply it’s been embedded in our society. Its history spans a few millennia, and its use has never faded, like ‘slick back braided ponytail’ for women.

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Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer? Unexpected Benefits That May Surprise You


Does crying make your eyelashes longer? That is a common rumor that many people spread. Tears have many mental and spiritual gifts, so, understandably, many believe tears make eyelashes longer. Let’s look at some specific benefits and myths about crying right below.

Benefits of Crying

Tears contain bicarbonate, sodium, chloride, and water. Here are some surprising benefits of tears and crying.

Relieve Pain

Crying can heal the body, according to some scientific studies. When a person tears, the body produces oxytocin and endorphins. In particular, oxytocin is the love hormone, and endorphins have a powerful stress-reduction and weight-loss effect.

Detoxify The Body

Detoxifying the body is an effective way to protect the eyes from dust. Tears naturally keep the eyes from becoming infected. Crying can also help to protect the immune system and prevent eye irritation.

Release Toxins

Because tears contain stress hormones, crying can cause the body to release toxins. These hormones are removed when you cry, and your stress levels decrease. Therefore, crying a lot can be seen as therapy to help your mind relax.

Heal The Skin

Crying has numerous skin benefits. Because stress and anxiety are significant causes of acne and skin problems, tears have a very soothing and healing effect on the skin.

Some Hidden Facts About Crying

Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer?

Crying has almost no effect on the problem of eyelash lengthening. When you call, your eyelashes become wet, straighter, and more prominent. However, this does not imply that crying causes your eyelashes to grow longer.

Does Crying Make Eyelashes Grow Faster?

The growth of eyelashes is heavily influenced by both eye health and genetic factors. There is no proof that crying causes eyelashes to grow faster. As a result, this is just a rumor with no basis.

The growth of eyelashes is heavily influenced by both eye health and genetic factors
Does crying make your eyelashes longer? The ability to grow eyelashes only depends on genetics and eye health – Source:

Does Crying Make Your Vision Slowly Weaker?

Changes in the shape of the lens cause eye problems such as farsightedness and nearsightedness. As a result, crying affects vision problems. You cry continuously for 2-3 hours, which can only make your penis red or swollen, but it can’t weaken your eyesight as rumored. In short, this is just a baseless rumor.

Is Crying Incontinent A Psychological Problem?

Like uncontrollable laughing, uncontrollable crying does not indicate a psychological problem. Some people will be unable to hold back their tears. Furthermore, crying is highly beneficial in expressing normal emotions such as grief, anger, or happiness. Your spirit will feel more relaxed after crying.

Crying With Lash Extensions Possible?

Although most eyelashes are waterproof, you should avoid crying or swimming immediately after getting eyelash extensions. After the eyelash extension glue has solidified, the new eyelash extensions stick firmly and do not fall out when soaked in water. If not correctly cared for, the water and oil components in tears will cause the glue to break down.

Why Does Crying With Eyelash Extensions Feel Pain?

Crying with eyelash extensions is painful because the glue adheres to the inside of the eye, causing itching and pain. Eyelash extensions will be much more sensitive if the materials used are of poor quality.

Some Effective Eyelash Care Ways

Eyelashes protect the eyes from airborne debris, dust, and potentially harmful substances. Furthermore, eyelashes have the effect of limiting the effects of UVA and UVB rays. Avoiding touching your eyelashes with your hands and washing your face to remove dirt around your eyes are the best ways to care for them.

Natural Ways to Grow Longer Eyelashes

As previously stated, the answer to the question “Does crying make your eyelashes longer?” is no. The following helpful tips can help you get long and healthy eyelashes.


Olive oil and castor oil, for example, are excellent for nourishing eyelashes. Brush this oil through your lashes and leave it on overnight. The oil will moisturize eyelashes from root to tip while stimulating eyelash growth. That is how to make your eyelashes grow overnight, highly effective.

Olive oil, in addition to promoting long lashes, can be used to prepare foods like Panera Teriyaki Chicken & Broccoli Bowl, Smoky Red Pepper Crema Sauce and others for health reasons as a substitute for vegetable oils.

Green Tea

Make a cup of green tea and set it aside to cool. Swipe a cotton ball through your lashes after dipping it in the tea. Green tea contains many antioxidant compounds that will help to grow healthy eyelashes. Furthermore, the caffeine and flavonoids in green tea will stimulate the growth of eyelashes.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has a cooling effect on the eyes and helps keep eyelashes healthy. Aloe vera’s vitamins and minerals will help to strengthen the health of the eyelashes and encourage the growth of new cells.

Aloe vera has a cooling impact on the eyes and aids in the maintenance of healthy eyelashes.
Instead of asking does crying make your eyelashes longer or not, you should use natural methods to make your eyelashes longer naturally – Source:

Vitamin E

Vitamin E contains antioxidants and tocotrienol compounds that aid in the growth of eyelashes. To contribute to thicker and longer eyelashes, apply vitamin E to your lashes or take a vitamin supplement. Vitamin E also aids in the supplementation of nutrients and the maintenance of healthy nails.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is exceptionally high in vitamin C and antioxidants, which help to protect against free radicals and increase collagen production. To encourage strong eyelash growth, apply a small amount of shea butter to the upper and lower lashes and leave it on overnight.


A lack of biotin will cause brows, eyelashes, and hair to fall out more quickly. To improve thin eyelashes and help them grow faster, take biotin supplements.Biotin is also good for hair, so don’t just focus on your eyes and forget your gorgeous locks! Find Out The Chicest Hair Trend.

We hope you have an answer to the question, “Does crying make your eyelashes longer?”. That is a natural misconception that lacks scientific proof. Although crying will not make your eyelashes longer, the benefits are undeniable. So don’t be worried and feel free to express your feelings.
Visit our homepage for more interesting facts.

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Find Out The Chicest Hair Trend: Partial Balayage VS Full Balayage


Over the years, my hair has undergone quite some transformations. From dark brown to black, red, bright blonde streaks, and most recently, ombre. My hair is naturally dark brown, so I liked how the blonde ombre lightened up the look, but as the ombre trend began to fade, the term “balayage” was thrown around quite frequently in the hair world. 

I’d have to say, this hair fab is here to stay. Unlike ombre, balayage gives off a natural, effortlessly-cool look thanks to the smooth transition between your hair color and the added highlight. Since the beginning of the trend, celebrities and their fans have embraced this highlighting technique, and there’s no turning back. 

So, if you are in need of a makeover and would like to get yourself this voguish hairstyle (just like me), it’s crucial to distinguish between the balayages before going to the salon. Yes, there is more than one type: Partial balayage VS full balayage, which one should you choose? Read on to find out the differences! 

Wait, What Is “Balayage” Again?

In case it’s the first time you’ve heard about the term “balayage”, let’s start with the basics. 

After a few clicks, I discovered something interesting: “Balayage” is, in fact, a French word. “If you went to Instagram and typed in ‘balayage,’ you’d see so many artistic interpretations. Originally, it was a French technique that came from the word ‘to sweep’ color onto the hair,” says hairstylist Todisco.

The word itself says a lot about this trend: Dye or lightener is painted onto your hair by hand in a sweeping motion. This creates a soft and natural gradation of lightness towards the end. Unlike traditional highlighting (which is a foiling technique that involves lightening strands of hair from the roots to the ends, leaving some natural hair in between), the process of balayage is done without foil. 

The end result is a multi-tonal and multi-dimensional look. Because the color is swept onto the surface of the hair, you will walk out of the salon with a gentle, never over-processed glow. Like Jack Howard, hair colorist extraordinaire, puts it, “It’s all about giving the impression you’ve been in the Caribbean for a month or two and have picked up some natural sun-kissed highlights!”. Sounds good, right?

Balayage highlights
The hand-painted highlights allow for pops of brightness and contrast throughout the hair, while still keeping it looking natural – Source: EVOKE

For lazy girls like me, the best thing about balayage is that you don’t have to visit the salon multiple times a month. The color might be taken up close to the root, but most regrowth will blend in seamlessly. Depending on your look and how fast your hair grows, you might be able to go for several months before getting a touch-up. 

Now you know why balayage is a stunning way for everyone to switch up the look. Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Sarah Jessica Parker have been known to have this gorgeous hairstyle on curly and straight hair. You can see various application nuances that produce slightly varied outcomes, but the core reason balayage has become such a trend is that hairstylists can hand-pick the strand of hair they want to draw attention to. That’s why the trend is always fresh and new— it looks different for each person.  

Jennifer Lopez's hairstyle
Jennifer Lopez in her stunning balayage hair – Source: People

Should I Get A Balayage? 

If you are expecting negative feedback, well, you might have to wait for quite some time. This coloring technique is suitable for any hair type, skin tone, and length. Just like Redditor “melkeen” wrote, “that’s the magic of it”. 

However, just because balayage works for everyone doesn’t mean it’s a one-size-fits-all situation. Since it requires a level of tailoring and personalization, it’s crucial to know exactly the style you desire before taking a seat in the stylist’s chair. 

Partial Balayage VS Full Balayage: What Are The Differences? 

Full Balayage: An Effortlessly Chic Look 

So now, it all comes down to this battle: Partial balayage VS full balayage. Let’s start with full balayage since it’s the first thing that pops up in our minds when someone mentions this highlighting technique. 

A full balayage is also referred to as a full-head balayage since it covers the whole expanse of your hair, leaving only 5-7 centimeters of the roots untouched. Although the method is known for creating natural effects, full balayage can still change the looks of its wearers completely since highlights are added throughout the entire mane. 

Still confused? Chrissy Teigen can give you the inspo you need: 

Full Balayage
Chrissy Teigen In Full Balayage – Source: Elle

Because balayage highlights don’t involve completely saturating your hair in bleach or color dye, you get to enjoy softer, silkier hair with less damage and dryness. Still, full balayage is more aggressive for your hair than a partial one. 

The method is all about hand-painting, so don’t be surprised if getting a full balayage takes up to 3 hours. In some cases, it might be even longer, depending on the length and thickness of your hair as well as your stylist’s speed. The longer and thicker your hair is, the more time it takes to be done. 

Step by step sectioning hair for balayage

What about the price, you ask? Well, the balayage process is much more exquisite and time-consuming than foil highlighting. Hence, it’s easily the priciest form of hair-coloring. The average cost of a full balayage can range from $90 to $400, but the exact amount you will be charged depends on the length of your hair, the type of highlights you request (ombre or single color), and the salon you visit.

Partial Balayage: A Safer Choice 

A few years ago, nobody mentioned this term, only the traditional one. As the balayage trend continued to grow, hairstylists needed to come up with alternatives, and so partial balayage was invented. 

The clue is in the name. Partial balayage means lightening only a part of the hair, focusing sweeps of lightener through the top layer or face-framing section only. As such, the chances of hair damage are less than those of full balayage. It’s a more subtle version of the traditional look, given that you don’t cover your entire mane with highlights. 

People might not notice the makeover right off the bat, but your look will still be taken to the next level: Partial balayage allows creative colorists to pick out the locks that will best enhance their clients’ unique features. Your face will be lightened up, and your hair will look more multi-dimensional. Here’s a quick look: 

partial balayage
Partial Highlight Before And After – Source: Pinterest

Since it only works with one area of your mane rather than throughout your hair, getting a partial balayage is less time-consuming than a full one. To be more precise, it only takes you between 45 minutes and an hour. Of course, you will also find it less expensive: A partial balayage usually costs between $60 and $200 on average. 

As mentioned, balayage doesn’t require much maintenance in general. With a partial one, you don’t even have to visit the salon as much as you do with the traditional look. It’s not only cost-effective but also helps you save a lot of money in the long run! 

Find Out Your Perfect Hairstyle

By now, you probably see the key differences between partial balayage and full balayage. The table below will help you sum it up: 

Full BalayagePartial Balayage

Coverage Area
Highlights are added throughout the entire maneHighlights are added to one area of the mane
ResultGives a more drastic changeGives a more subtle style change
Cost ComparisonTends to be more expensive ($90 – $400)Is often cheaper ($60 – $200)
Time-ConsumingTakes longer to be doneLess time-consuming
MaintenanceCan go several months without needing a touch-upLasts longer than full balayage because of the subtle highlights

Partial Balayage VS Full Balayage

So, if you have been scratching your head trying to figure out the perfect style, here are a few recommendations. :

  • For those with thin or somehow weakened hair, it’s best to go with partial balayage. Your hair will suffer much less during the process. 
  • If you want a complete makeover, full balayage will give you a bold and daring look. In case you just want to add a subtle and classy touch to your appearance, partial balayage is the way to go. 
  • Making a full balayage is usually more expensive and requires you to visit the hairdresser more frequently in the long run. Hence, if you don’t have a high budget, you should choose a partial one. For those who are nervous about coloring their hair, partial balayage is also a good way to test the waters and possibly upgrade in the future. 
Examples of balayage for dark hair
Balayage for dark hair – Source: Latest Hairstyles

Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair! 

Beautiful hair can enhance your appearance, and on top of that, having a stunning hairstyle can give you the confidence boost that you always wanted.  That said, you might want to take a trip to the hair salon and get yourself some stunning balayage highlights! This sleek and effortless look with a hint of urban-centered chic will instantly make you the most gorgeous lady in the room. 

Partial balayage VS full balayage, which one is the hairstyle for you? Well, I hope you get the answer now. Opt for whatever expresses yourself the most and be ready to impress your fellas! 

Looking for beauty tips like the hottest brown French tip nails or the best numbing cream for waxing? Check our website for more! 

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7 Slick Back Braided Ponytail You Should Check Out And Try To Release The Queen In You


The slick back braided ponytail is all the rage, and rightfully so. Ponytails give you an instant facelift, and they look terrific with everything from athletic wear to formal attire. Of course, letting your hair flow freely can also be fun, depending on the look you’re going for, but braiding your hair allows you to experiment with texture and even color.

Some people might think that the braided slick back braided ponytail has only limited occasions that will suit it, but you can make it work no matter what look you’re going for. You can also experiment with it, and there are many ways to make the look work. 

If you want to get inspired on what slick back braided ponytail you want to try, you’re in luck because you don’t need to go to any other places for ideas. We’ve compiled the best ones for you and a tutorial on how you can achieve the look. 

A Quick History Of The Braids And Ponytails

Braids have been around since 3500 BC, so they go way, way back. It’s an understatement to say that the fashion trend has a long history. Braiding began in Africa with the Himba tribe of Namibia. These hairstyles were a unique technique for many African tribes to identify themselves, as the style they wore revealed a person’s tribe, age, marital status, religion, and social ranking. Besides being an identity, they also used it to socialize with other people because it takes hours to finish it.

As for ponytails, the male Manchu people of Northeast China grew their hair on top of their heads exceedingly long in the 17th century. They could be the first group of people who sported the ponytail. Some traced the ponytail may all the way back to Ancient Greece. Women with ponytails high on the backs of their heads are in murals painted thousands of years ago in Crete.

These two hairstyles basically started during the time of royalties and ancient beauties. So, if you’re wearing them today, you shouldn’t be surprised why it makes you instant queen. If you need some ideas to modernize the look, keep scrolling as we got seven tips you can try.

Seven Slick Back Braided Ponytails You Should Try

New trends emerge and re-emerge all the time in the ever-changing world of style and beauty. It’s tough to keep up with all of the different hairdo fads that have come and gone over the years. But one thing is sure: braids and ponytails have been a classic hairstyle for what feels like an eternity. Combining the two trendy hairstyles would be a perfect way to give yourself an original look. Here are some that you should try:

Butt-Length Braid

Butt-Length Braid
Long braid with a ponytail is an attention-catching hairstyle. Source:

A slicked ponytail with a butt-length braid is a classic head-turning appearance. The best thing about this pony is that it’s simple to put together on your own. You have to put your hair up in a ponytail and start braiding it. You can also add some extensions to give your hair a slicked-back ponytail with weave vibes.

Stylized Braided Ponytail

Stylized Braided Ponytail
Own your hairstyle by adding some fun clips to it. Source:

The best thing about sporting a slick back braided ponytail is the endless opportunities you have to personalize it. You can add fun hair clips, bling-bling, and other colorful hair accessories to make your style more exciting.

Side-Parted Ponytail

Side-Parted Ponytail
Look sleek and sexy with braided hair and a swoop. Source:

Doing a high ponytail with swoop can give you an instant glowing appeal as it will give you a temporary facelift without making your forehead look big. To achieve this look, you only need to leave the front of your hair and put it in a side-parted style before putting your hair up in a ponytail. Braid the rest of your hair at your back, and voila: you’re an instant star!

Do you like eating vegetables? Click here to find out what rhubarb tastes like.

Braided Ponytail with an Undercut

Braided Ponytail with an Undercut
Getting an undercut would give your braided ponytail an instant edge. Source:

Undercuts add a surprising twist to hair of any length. Even simple braided ponytails look edgier with an undercut. Unfortunately, undercuts are something you can’t do perfectly on your own, so you would need to get someone else to shave your hair. Going to a salon would also guarantee that your hair will look gorgeous.

Braided Ponytail With Stylized Baby Hair

FKA Twigs, rocking braided ponytails with baby hairs since day one! Source:
FKA Twigs, rocking braided ponytails with baby hairs since day one! Source:

FKA Twigs is one of the most incredible visionaries in today’s indie music scene. Her style, fashion, music, and videos are an art form. While it’s sad that she still hasn’t gotten the notoriety she deserves, her fans know that she will be an icon and fashion legend one day. She’s also one of the many artists who used her baby hair to give her hairstyle a unique twist. If you’re interested in having this look, using a proper hair wax will allow you to style your baby hair and complement your slick back braided ponytail.

Ribbon Adorned Braided Ponytail

Ribbon Adorned Braided Ponytail
Adorning your braided ponytail with ribbons adds more character to your hairstyle. Source:

Wrapping your braid with ribbons would add some sparkly twist to a classic hairstyle. You can match your ribbon’s color to your outfits, or you can even keep the ribbon monochromatic to give it an illusion it’s another hair strand. Whatever you end up doing, it will look inventive and downright stylish.

Colorful Ponytail Braid

Colorful Ponytail Braid
Adding some color to your braids adds some extra funky vibes. Source:

Adding color to your braided ponytail will take your style instantly to the next level. Colorful clips and dyed braid hair strands will allow you to flaunt your vibrant personality. You can use hair extensions or temporary hair dyes if you don’t want to go through the trouble of bleaching your hair.


Keep Your Hair Style Vibing 

Keep Your Hair Style Vibing
Sade, the original queen of braided ponytails. Source:

Slick-back braided ponytails can completely change your look. You can go from Rapunzel to an instant queen like Sade just by styling your hair differently. So, the next time you want to look like the fashion icon you are, try some of these hairstyles to keep yourself looking stylish.

Are you interested in knowing more information about living well while looking stylish? Click here to visit our main page.

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#NoStupidQuestion: Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer? What Are Other Remedies That Grow Your Lashes Overnight?


Does crying make your eyelashes longer? 

Here is the straightforward answer, NO! There is no scientific confirmation for this beauty myth. However, if you do notice when we cry, our eyelashes clump together due to the moisture and therefore become darker, sharper, and therefore look more noticeable. 

Maybe that’s a positive side of crying: sad face yet sexy eyelashes! 

But life is already depressing enough, don’t give yourself more depression in exchange for a good appearance!

There is absolutely nothing wrong if you are not one of those girls or guys with long eyelashes. Self-confidence is the ultimate beauty weapon! 

However, if you are someone who desperately wishes to have longer, thicker, and curvier eyelashes that you even consider crying to have sexier eyelashes, don’t give up hope on it. Eyelashes can grow after two months if you apply some very simple remedies, or they can even grow by night if you do some small beauty operations (but not crying!).  

Whichever way you want to grow your eyelashes, this article will provide you with all the most effective and popular tricks you might need for fluttery eyelashes!  

Crying makes your eyelashes longer
Does crying make your eyelashes longer? Source: Karolina Grabowska  

Tips That You Can Apply To Grow Your Eyelashes 

More Biotin and Protein For Your Diet 

We often seek for beauty products to bring change to our bodies. But beauty products are not entirely trustworthy. The best change can come from your daily diet. 

Did you know that your hair follicles are made of mostly protein? If your body lacks protein, you will experience hair loss. Biotin is another essential for the production of a hair protein called keratin. Therefore, consuming enough protein and biotin can help improve hair growth and prevent hair loss. 

A rich source of protein and biotin can come from eggs, berries, spinach, fatty fish like salmons, sweet potatoes, nuts, seeds, and oysters. So don’t forget to add them to your daily diet, even some think it might harm your digestive system

Nutritions for longer eyelashes
What to eat to make eyelashes longer?  Source: Nathan Cowley 

Comb Your Eyelashes

Simple as that, combing your lashes every day can make them appear longer and helps to stimulate the rate of growth. Even though there is not much scientific evidence confirming this tip, many makeup gurus have praised the efficiency of brushing eyelashes. 

Their tip is to use high-quality, non-clumping combs to separate eyelashes and thereby, make the lashes look fuller and longer. Using a regular straight comb or a safety pin can do the trick. However, you might accidentally poke yourself in the eye. Therefore, buying a proper eyelashes comb is highly recommended. It is much safer and not that expensive at all. 

When buying eyelash brushes, you should head for those with gold or silver-plated metal teeth because they are harder to break and easier to clean. For example, the Tweezerman Eyelash Comb does an excellent job of separating lashes without having to hold the comb at different angles, like when you do with a flat, straight lash comb. Only one slide and the curvy design of the comb will let you reach almost every single lash! 

Moisturize Your Eyelashes With Coconut Oil Or Olive Oil

You often see coconut oil for scalp hair, lips, and skins, but does coconut oil help eyelashes grow? Let us tell you that virgin coconut oil, together with olive oil are must-have beauty essentials for eyelashes. They are incredibly rich in fatty acids and protein, and this is exactly what your eyelashes need in order to grow. When applied to the lashes, the oil will penetrate the hair shaft and provides your lashes the nutrients and hydration it needs. If you can apply the oil onto the roots of the lashes, the follicles inside can fully absorb the oil and stimulate growth. This also works the same for your hair, eyebrow, and pubic area. 

Every day, you just need to simply pick up a little bit of coconut oil or olive oil on your fingertips, rub it into your fingers and then rub it on your eyelashes. You can comb your eyelashes after putting the oil on. This will make sure that every single hair can absorb the oil. 

If you are still wandering around for the best-quality coconut oil, we recommend you go for SheaMoisture 100% virgin coconut oil. Unlike other usual coconut oil, this product smells fresh, light, not heavily scented, doesn’t irritate your eyes, and 100% natural. 

Or, if you prefer olive oil for eyelashes since it is mostly odorless, this is the one you can go for, PURA D’OR Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Olive oil and coconut oil for eyelashes growth
Olive oil for eyelashes. Source: Pixabay 

Get Eyelash Extension

If you are not patient enough to wait for months and years, or the above treatments simply do not work with your eyelashes, there is nothing wrong with getting eyelash enhancement. It is just using a glue-like substance to stick the semi-permanent fibers to your natural lashes to make them appear thicker, longer, and darker. 

High-quality fibers are quite synthetic, silky and therefore when being applied correctly, they will make your face gorgeous and natural-looking. Plus, they are pain-free, waterproof, and quite safe. 

But before conducting this procedure, make sure that you do your research, and you see someone who is highly professional and skilled in lashes. 

Is eyelash extension safe?
Should I get the eyelash extension procedure? Source: Pixels 

The Final Thoughts 

Don’t be so upset and obsessed if you were not born with fluttery eyelashes. With the advanced beauty technology and the abundance of natural remedies out there, you can get your lashes to grow quite easily. 

As we already mentioned above, any beauty products are only the additional support. The best remedy for yourself always starts from how you take care of your body and your health. If you still wonder why you suffer from hair loss despite excessive cosmetic consumption, maybe start asking yourself: ‘’Did you sleep enough and eat enough?’’ 

For more tips to eat well, live well, and do well, check out more articles from our website!

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7 Popular Penis Enlargement Methods Revealed: Which Oil Is Best For Penis Growth?


According to an NHS study, over 45% of males would like to increase the length of their penis. Unfortunately, while there are so many procedures and methods claiming to do that, only a few of them work. Today’s post will discuss 7 popular penis enlargement methods and answer related questions (like Which oil is best for penis growth?). 

Should I Try To Enlarge My Penis? 

It’s natural to wish your penis was bigger when you are men. 

However, it isn’t worth augmenting your penis as every penis enlargement method comes with possible adverse effects that directly affect your convenience, erection, and sexual feelings (more on that below). 

Moreover, according to studies, most men concerned about the size of their penis are usually completely acceptable or average in size.

Sadly, there’s a widespread belief, perpetuated by commercial porn, that a larger penis indicates more satisfaction for your mate. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to 2017 research on ResearchGate, a mix of passionate kisses, vaginal stimulation, and oral sex is more prone to make your girl cum —and none of these activities need your penis to be too big.

There’s also an out-of-date misconception that having a larger penis means being more masculine, with zero logic. 

Thus, ask yourself carefully whether having your penis enlarged is worth the money and the risks before engaging in any procedure.

7 Popular Penis Enlargement Methods Nowadays 

That’s it – if you still want to enlarge your penis, check these 7 most prevalent penis enlargement methods nowadays. We’ll also cite the opinions of experts and specialists for extra creditability.  

Having A Penile Implant (Such As Penuma)

You might have never heard about this procedure before, but having a penile implant is the most famous method for penis enlargement nowadays.

Dr. James Elist of Los Angeles claims to be the globe’s only surgeon conducting a particular procedure that may improve genital length and diameter utilizing a silicone implant referred to as Penuma.

Elist states that his implants add an estimated 1.5 inches in length and 2.5 inches in diameter, and he has already implanted 1,300 of them. The issue is that the procedure is expensive at $13,000, and clients are in danger of infections or implant rupture.

“Gaining a genital implant is similar to having an erection forever, which might limit movements,” says Jessie Cheung, M.D., a board-certified physician. “It’s like opting for a jog erect.”

Getting Plastic Surgery On Your Penis

Performing plastic surgery on your penis is also a famous procedure that many men perform to increase the size of your penis. 

A few specialists may extend their client’s penises by removing a ligament, allowing it to dangle out a bit longer. But, of course, there are complications, such as damaged tissue, uncomfortable erections, infections, or loss of feeling or performance.

Many men also choose to have penis plastic surgery. - Medical News Today
Many men also choose to have penis plastic surgery. – Medical News Today

Furthermore, how much does penis enlargement surgery cost? The whole procedure can charge up to $9,000, and reports have shown that the operation only increases around half an inch, which frequently falls flat on clients’ goals.

Cheung points out that after the penis enlarging procedure, it might be tricky to sustain an erection and only accomplish penetration in some postures.

Getting Fat Injections

You might also have fat injections to extend the size of your penis. Clinicians can remove a client’s body fat and inject it into the tip of the penis utilizing a needle.

Men may wind up having a slight growth of under 1 inch in size, slightly more than 1 inch in diameter, and a thicker member. However, the effects are temporary, and your penis may fall back to its previous size throughout time.

Furthermore, as with any medical intervention, there are complications associated. For example, a 30-year-old man died after a penis augmentation procedure because fat entered his airways and blocked his lung.

Getting Platelet-rich Plasma Injections

This treatment, which is still pretty experimental, entails extracting your platelet-rich plasma then putting it into your genital, ostensibly boosting blood volume to help your penis look bigger.

“Your standard P-Shot technique entails multiple weeks of mechanical stimulation, which strains the suspensory ligaments to gain extra length and width,” Cheung adds.

Getting platelet-rich plasma injections is also a popular procedure. - Riopelle Sports Medicine
Getting platelet-rich plasma injections is also a popular procedure. – Riopelle Sports Medicine 

“Advanced P-Shots using stem cells plus exosomes are also famous in my clinic since they provide quick and long-lasting gains in functioning and size,” he notes.

However, there is just not enough evidence to consider this a practical long-term alternative for the time being.

Jelqing Massage (a.k.a. Penis Stretches)

Jelqing massage is also another famous procedure that many people count on.

According to researchers, it is unknown when jelqing was invented; however, it may have originated in ancient Arab society. We know that men have tried the extending procedure to enhance the size and diameter of their penises.

Men’s Health recently described the procedure as follows:

“Most experts recommend waiting until you’re somewhat hard. Then, lubricate up and grip the bottom of the penis with only the thumb and pointer finger. Add pressure to the pole and move your fingers along it as if “milking the cow.” Releasing and repeating.” 

Is it true that jelqing makes your penis look larger? Many healthcare professionals answer no—and that it might even be harmful, such as producing a penile deformation. However, Grant Stoddard, a Men’s Health writer, also practiced jelqing for 2 weeks and noticed no difference in his size.

“It’s more efficient to utilize a penile pump, which helps with blood flow,” Cheung explains.

Check out other benefits of massage here.

Using A Penis Extender

There are a couple of tools that men can wear under their outfits every day to extend the penis and add size and/or diameter little by little. The Andro-Penis and the Golden Erect are 2 of the first gadgets still in use nowadays.

A few specialists believe these gadgets are beneficial, and a brief 2015 research found that the Andro-Penis gained nearly 1/2 inch in size.

Stoddard tested RestoreX, a penis enhancer meant for men with Peyronie’s condition. He discovered that his penis was roughly 1/2 inch longer after wearing it for less than a month.

Yet, Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, a specialist in Florida, believes the irritation and risk of scars are not worth the gamble.

“There hasn’t been a lot of studies done on the advantages of penile extensions,” he explains. “Moreover, you have to leave them on the private region of your body for hours per day.”

See the reviews and results here:

Getting Dermal Fillers (Such As The Shafer Width And Girth Procedure)

Another popular way of penis growth is to have dermal fillers inserted into your penis, which may expand your width by 1 inch if performed routinely throughout time. In Cheung’s clinic, the surgery is famous since clients “get immediate diameter and size with minimum recovery.”

The results, however, are only momentary. “How active your penis is will determine the lifetime of your fillings since extra movements will enhance the digestion of the fillers,” Cheung explains.

Having dermal fillers can also help to increase your penis length. - BBC
Having dermal fillers can also help to increase your penis length. – BBC 

He carries on, “Although you’ll still get little left in the body within a year, you’ll probably need a top-up by that time.” Inflammation, bruises, and bumps underneath the skin are other possible adverse reactions.

Another possible adverse effect that he discusses? The fact that engaging in sexual activity too early after the treatment may lead to a change in the form of your penis.

“I actually had sex a bit too early, for a little too much, and a bit too passionately following my early rounds, ignoring Dr. Shafer’s recommendations.” James stated, “But, of course, this would have been before the fillers had bonded entirely with the tissues in my penis.”

“So while previously I had a relatively regular diameter, it was a touch bulging in the midsection after that first sex. The change was likely slight, but I saw it since I’ve been gazing down at my penis for around 42, 43 years. Fortunately, the specialist corrected the form with more injections during a later session.” he continued.

Does Oil Work For Penis Enlargement? If So, Which Oil Is Best For Penis Growth?

No, it doesn’t.

Although a lot of oil products claim to top up your penis size, there are no oils in the marketplace that will increase the size of your penis. Different methods of penile growth that include oil application (like Jelquing massage) are available.

Indeed, until now, there has been no evidence that oils or other medicines would actually increase the size of your penis – it’s only a component in other enlarging procedures. In fact, oils are far more likely to cause unfavorable side effects or damage.

There hasn’t been any evidence on the effects of oil in penis enlargement. - Medical News Today
There hasn’t been any evidence on the effects of oil in penis enlargement. – Medical News Today 

If you want to employ oils in penis enlargement massages, remember to watch out for the below ingredients. 

  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): DHEA is a natural hormone in your system. However, taking DHEA doses may raise your risk of developing cancer, reduce your cholesterol concentrations, and impact your mental wellbeing.
  • Pregnanolone: This is yet another compound found in your body. However, there is no study to back up the usage of pregnanolone for genital growth. In addition, according to 2009 research, it may also harm your mental wellbeing.
  • Catuaba bark extract: This chemical looks promising as an antidepressant in a 2005 experiment, but no evidence has shown that it impacts your penis.
  • Hawthorn berry: This compound has some benefits as a therapy for heart problems, according to a 2010 scientific study, but it has not been demonstrated to aid with penis growth. The study also revealed that consuming too much might induce vertigo, nausea, and harmful reactions to cardiovascular drugs.

Does Turmeric Grow Penis?

Sadly, the answer is NO.

Although many people believe that turmeric helps with penis growth, there hasn’t been any information on this until now. However, turmeric does help with erectile dysfunction. 

According to the most recent study reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, external lotions formulated from turmeric powder may effectively address erectile dysfunction. The chemical component curcumin is the key.

Turmeric doesn’t help with penis growth but it helps with erectile dysfunction. - IVF Babble
Turmeric doesn’t help with penis growth, but it helps erectile dysfunction. – IVF Babble  

Curcumin is a naturally present anti-inflammatory chemical found in turmeric. 

In this study, the Albert Einstein School of Medicine researcher group transformed turmeric powder into curcumin-loaded nanostructures and developed a cream. They apply the cream to the penis every 2 days for half a month.

The study’s findings revealed improved blood circulation to the penis and improvements in hip dilatation, which is the dilatation of blood veins around the groin region that helps lower blood pressure levels.

The previous study demonstrated that curcumin benefits endure longer than several prescribed medications.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, 7 popular penis enlargement methods nowadays – and answer to related questions like “Which oil is best for penis growth?’  

Yes, you might think your penis is shorter than those porn actors and cannot satisfy your partner; however, this is a fault belief. As mentioned above, a combo of passionate kisses, vaginal stimulation, and oral sex is more prone to make your girl cum. 

However, if you still want to enlarge your penis, consider the pros and cons of several methods listed above. Good luck!  

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Masseter Botox Before and After Photos? – 10 Questions About Botox Answered


Masseter Botox Before and After Photos? – 10 Questions About Botox Answered 

Botox is a well-known injectable muscle relaxant that works to eliminate wrinkles. Botox injections into the masseter muscles can change the curve of the face while also reducing pain (such as headache, toothache, or earache). Experts call this method a botox masseter. Let’s find out more detailed information about masseter botox before and after right here.

What Is Masseter Botox?

Masseter botox is a method of injecting botulinum toxin into the masseter muscles. These muscles are located on one side of the face and connect the cheekbones to the lower jawbone. After the botox injection, the nerves stop sending signals to the muscles and help the jaw muscles become more relaxed. You can still chew, but the part injected with botox will be restricted in movement, and your jaw size will shrink.

What Is The Botox Masseter Method Like?

Procedure Before And During Treatment 

Before performing the injection, the medical professional will examine your jawline and discuss your wishes. To be safe, they will also go over your medical history. You will also have your jaw and face reviewed to determine exactly where to inject and how many syringes are needed. This method’s effectiveness lasts only a few days.

The medical professional will clean the region of your skin to be injected during the therapy. That reduces the chance of infection following the injection. After that, they will mark the masseter area before inserting a syringe containing botulinum into the masseter muscles and slowly withdrawing the needle. This procedure can be repeated as many times as necessary until the desired amount of botox is reached. The medical professional will massage the area to reduce swelling and bruising following the injection.

Notes You Should Keep In Mind After Treatment

You can resume your normal activities immediately following the botox masseter treatment. However, you should pay attention to the following to avoid causing damage to the newly injected area:

  • Avoid rubbing vigorously on the injected area
  • Avoid vigorous exercise
  • Do not drink alcohol and nicotine within 24 hours after the treatment
  • Do not lie down for the first 4 hours after a masseter botox
  • Avoid taking hot showers and saunas for 24 hours

The above actions are likely to spread botulinum toxin to other organs and impact treatment outcomes. After one week, you can see the masseter botox before and after the change. However, the effect of this treatment is only temporary and lasts only 3 to 4 months. You must repeat the botox procedure if you want to keep the results for a long time.

The results of the masseter botox before and after can be seen after just a few days
This is an example photo of masseter botox before and after – Source:

The Benefits of Masseter Botox

Reduce Teeth Grinding

If you frequently grind your teeth, Botox injections can relax your jaw and prevent your teeth and jaw from clenching involuntarily. Furthermore, this method helps tighten the jaw, relieve jaw pain or toothache, and reduce ear pain.

Prevent Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD, TMJ)

Causes of TMD can come from teeth grinding, arthritis or stress. If you frequently experience pain in your jaw joint when chewing, speaking, or opening your mouth, the botox masseter method can help you.

The Benefits of Masseter Botox : Prevent Temporomandibular Joint Disorders
The result of a botox masseter before and after can relieve pain in the jaw – Source:

Slim Your Face 

The jaw muscles can make your face appear more square. Botox injections will shrink the masseter and create a V-line for the beginning. That is commonly referred to as masseter reduction by experts.

What Are The Side Effects Of Botox?

Although botox injection is considered very safe, it can cause side effects such as a distorted smile, headache, bruising or painful swelling at the injection site, drooling, headache, dizziness, or some of the symptoms that resemble those of a common cold.

Who Shouldn’t Get Botox?

If you are in the following situations, you should not proceed with botox treatment:

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing
  • Individuals who are allergic to the protein found in cow’s milk
  • Individuals who are allergic to botulinum toxin
  • People who have an infection in the injection site
  • Individuals who have a history of neuromuscular disorders
You should analyze the instances before beginning botox treatment to avoid complications.
Here is another example image of a successful masseter botox before and after – Source:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lay down after botox?

I forgot and laid down after getting botox. Does this have any effect? After injecting the box, numerous individuals virtually always question this case. Experts often advise not lying down for 4 hours after having botox injections. Lying down will cause botox to spread to other areas that you don’t want it to, potentially causing complications. However, no evidence supports the adverse effects of lying down too soon after a botox procedure. So you shouldn’t be too worried about this.

Can I put on makeup right after botox?

It is recommended that you rest for at least 4 hours after the treatment. After this time, you can continue to wear makeup as usual. You risk skin irritation and discomfort if you apply makeup or rub vigorously on the treatment area too soon.

How long can I see the results of chin botox before and after?

You may experience some burning and numbness after receiving botox injections in the chin. Chin botox before and after results are usually visible in 1-2 days. However, it can take up to 7-10 days to notice a difference in some cases. As previously stated, the botox method produces results that last only 3 to 6 months.

Do I need to wait a while before I wash my face after getting botox?

No, it does not. You can gently wash your face with a soft towel. However, avoid using harsh detergents or hot water. Furthermore, it would help if you refrained from using exfoliating products or applying masks for two days following the injection. You should avoid powerful treatments such as laser and facial massage after around seven days of botox injection.

In Conclusion

In general, a botox masseter is a safe way to relieve jaw pain and change the contour of your face. You can also see the effects of the masseter botox before and after in a short period. Above all, you should be careful when selecting a reputable treatment facility to achieve the desired result.

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3 Aftercare Tips And 4 Types Of Nail Design Ideas: 3 Easiest Nail Designs With Lines To Diy

Tired Of White French Tips? Try These Hottest Brown French Tip Nails

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How To Get Self Tanner Off Hands: 5 Tips Supermodels Will Never Tell You


Want to self-tan at home but worry about problems like orange hands? Don’t worry, experts Loretta (MD, FAAD, a Miami dermatologist) and Moe (Svelta Beauty’s founder) have come to save the days. They will disclose everything you need to know about self-tanning and supermodels’ secrets on how to get self tanner off hands

How To Make Tan At Home (Experts’ Guide) 

Shower And Exfoliate

Let’s face it! We have all been there when we accidentally left behind a streaky self-tanned skin. Most of the time, the reason behind that is that we haven’t showered and exfoliated beforehand. 

Indeed, showering and exfoliating are the first steps toward achieving a uniform, enduring self-tan.

“Self-tanners operate similarly to food dye that they dye the skin cells on the skin’s top layer,” Loretta reveals. “Gentle exfoliation before applying self-tanner leads to a more uniform look of the tan.”

If you have body hair, this is the time to wax or shave it.

Moisturize Important Areas 

Once you’re out of the bath, put on some lotion. However, you’ll only need to focus on some areas instead of slathering your body moisturizer all over the body. 

“It’s critical to take care of only dry regions (such as the ankle, foot, knee, elbow, wrist, palm, and so on) to keep these areas from absorbing too much dye,” advises Moe. “To optimize the performance of the self-tanner, the remainder of the body should be dry and clear of oils or moisturizers.”

Remember to moisturize important areas before self-tanning. - The Skincare Edit
Remember to moisturize important areas before self-tanning. – The Skincare Edit

Do you have light hair or eyebrows? Apply lotion to your eyebrows and hairline as well. 

“Light-haired ones should be careful not to get the tanner on their hairline or eyebrows,” Loretta says.

She reveals that the primary component in self-tanner, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), operates by coloring the keratin within your skin. Since keratin is also an element in hair, you may wind up with a terrible color job if you’re not cautious.

Wear Gloves Or Mittens

Hands are highly susceptible to becoming orangy following self-tanning; thus, wear some gloves or mittens to cover them for optimal outcomes. “Put on a tanning mitten or rubber gloves to uniformly distribute the self-tanning solution while preventing browning your fingertips and palms,” Moe advises.

If you’re going to rub the solution using your bare hands, ensure that they’re well-lotioned before that. Wash your hands using a cleaning solution and a towel after administering self-tanner. “The surface of the towel will assist in effectively exfoliating away the self-tanner left on your hand,” Loretta explains.

Spread In Long Strokes 

After you’ve prepped your skin and hands, start spreading your tanner. Note that your body has to be fully dry for the solution to penetrate, so never self-tan straight after your bath; instead, walk out of the steamy restroom and blot dry yourself. Wait at least 10 mins before self-tanning.

For even tanned skin, spread the product in long strokes. - Glamour
For even tanned skin, spread the product in long strokes. – Glamour 

“Distribute the product generously in long straight sweeps until nice and uniform, working on one area at a time.” Moe explains. “Make sure to dab on all visible regions to get a natural-looking appearance but only use the tanner lightly on your neck, face, hands, and dark areas like elbows or knees.”

Don’t be afraid of slathering on the tanner.

Interestingly, applying too much tanner will not make you orange—DHA can only tint the keratin underlying your skin to a limited extent—but applying too little product can result in a streaky appearance. So instead, apply a generous amount of solution to your gloves, enough to fully and uniformly cover your skin.

Clean Up The Excess

After you’ve done spreading your self-tanner, blot off any extra solution on the thicker areas surrounding your joints to ensure that your fake tan appears smoothly.

“Once you’ve done with the self-tanner, sweep a very lightly moist tissue paper over your knees, wrists, elbows, toes, and heels to clean up the extra pigment and remove unevenness,” adds Moe.

Allow It To Develop 

People say that haste makes waste, and the saying can’t be more accurate in this situation. Wait at least 20 mins before putting clothes on and at least 12 hours before showering or getting your tan even slightly damp.

After you wash the product, avoid waxing and shaving for as long as possible to prolong your tanned skin. Shaving removes dead skin cells (which lie on top), so your tan will be swept away together with your shaving foam or ripped away with the wax.

If you need to clean your legs or arms, Loretta recommends “using a hair removal lotion instead of waxing or shaving to extend the duration of the self-tanner.”

Moisturize & Wear Sunscreen 

Dryness is the nemesis of a fake tanned skin; according to Moe, “to retain your tan as long as possible, apply lotion all over your body every day.”

In addition, if you’re leaving your apartment, put on hydrating sunscreen. “We must keep in mind that self-tanner itself does not provide any sun-shielding properties,” Loretta warns.

Self-tan yourself as frequently as you need – several days after another should be more than enough –  for an enduring tan.

How To Get Self Tanner Off Hands: 5 Secrets From Supermodels 

Sadly, while using self-tanner, it is possible to make mistakes, especially orangish hands. If you do stumble into this specific issue, here are 6 ways runway models solve self-tanner issues.

Exfoliate the regions where there are stains or extra pigment

You may apply an exfoliator with microbeads, grains, or salts, or you can use a loofah or scrubber. This will scrape off the skin’s outermost part. The result will be a more uniform pigment distribution.

Baby oil 

Baby oil does help you tan, and there’s more to it. Indeed, baby oil is also useful when you have a huge overtanned spot that needs to be fixed. Apply baby oil on the spot and leave it on for around 10 mins. 

Baby oil helps remove unwanted self-tanner. - TMV Las Vegas
Baby oil helps remove unwanted self-tanner. – TMV Las Vegas 

Alternatively, try immersing your hands in a bucket of water with some capfuls of oil. It will not only nourish your hands but will also remove the color sitting on your skin, giving the appearance that the tan has disappeared.

Natural lighteners

Below are some options to consider. Most of them include acid, which helps to dissolve the tanned pigment on your hands:

  • A mixture of baking soda and water
  • Lemon juice
  • White vinegar
  • Baby wipes

If you only have a few small areas to deal with, massage them with a slice of lemon. Among the most efficient ways is to apply lemon extract using a cotton swab. If the spots are persistent, use a mixture of lime juice and baking soda.

Vinegar stinks, but if your streaks are persistent, consider wiping it on and allowing it to sit for approximately 10 mins. In terms of efficiency, baby wipes are hit or miss, but they are handy.

Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover with acetone

As these solutions are abrasive and stink, you should only use them after other treatments have failed. Apply with a cotton swab, wait a couple of minutes, and then wash. Because they are dehydrating, be careful to rehydrate afterward.

3 Aftercare Tips And 4 Types Of Nail Design Ideas: 3 Easiest Nail Designs With Lines To DIY 

Tired Of White French Tips? Try These Hottest Brown French Tip Nails 


Weird as it seems, but according to James Read (who has contributed to the luminous glows of Oscar-winning actors and superstars walking for Fashion Week’s top runways), “a bit of toothpaste works miracles for removing persistent fake tanned spots on hands and feet.”

All you have to do is use lightening toothpaste, massage it on, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then rinse it thoroughly.

Wrapping Up 

There you have it – everything you need to know regarding self-tanning, from how to self-tan to how to get self tanner off hands. Although there’s plenty to take notes of, self-tanning is among the best ways to boost your look. Thus, if you want to spice your look up a bit, give it a go!

For more beauty tips and advice, check our Eatnlivewell website!   

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3 Aftercare Tips And 4 Types Of Nail Design Ideas: 3 Easiest Nail Designs With Lines To DIY


Your satisfactory nail design definitely lies in the list of 4 nail styles we have summarized below. Also, if you are looking for easy nail designs that you can draw yourself, don’t take your eyes off this post. In other words, we have included a step-by-step guideline of pastel or shimmery styles and nail designs with lines. Particularly, nail designs with lines of stripes, horizontal lines, diagonal lines interwoven with stone accessories, or mixed colors are popular options as they bring an extraordinarily harmonious and impressive overall. 

Scroll down to see the nail designs with lines, glitter, and stones below, then choose the most eye-catching ideas for yourself.

#4 Nail Designs With Lines

Nail designs with lines of white, red, moss, green, or black never go out of style. You can easily add accessories such as attaching stones or flowers to enhance your nails’ charm.

How To Draw Nail Designs With Lines Simply?

  • Cuticle trimming and cleaning.
  • Apply a coat of primer (glossy polish) and wait a few seconds for it to dry.
  • Use adhesive tape for ease to create smudge-free straight lines.
  • Paint and peel off the tape, then add a layer of gloss for protection.
Black - pink nail designs with lines for minimalists, simple but not boring
Black – pink nail designs with lines for minimalists – Photo from Pinterest

Some More Unique Nail Designs

Cross Plaid Nail Of Diagonal Stripes

Some of the tools you will need to prepare include a small roll of duct tape and a paint bottle with optional dark and light colors.

The steps to draw diagonal stripes are as follows:

  • Apply a light coat all over the nails. Then glue 4 pieces of prepared tape across the nail.
  • Next, apply a dark coat on the tape and nail.
  • Let the paint dry for a few minutes, and slowly remove the tape. Now you have an impressively attractive diagonal striped nail design.
creative nail designs with lines
Cross plaid nail of diagonal stripes – Photo from Trang Beauty Salon
Colorful Square Plaid Nails

To draw colorful plaid nails, especially for Christmas, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • Detailed nail art brush.
  • Bottles of deep red, magenta, dark green, green, white, and black nail polish.
  • Topcoat and base coat.
  • Thin brush with long bristles (striping brush).
colorful nail designs with lines
Nail designs with lines aren’t dull, especially these, right? – Photo from nailsbymarcyboca on Instagram

Once you have prepared all the tools and materials, follow these steps:

  • First, alternately paint the nails with 1 green nail – 1 red nail with the prepared paint bottle.
  • Next, draw 2 horizontal lines on the nail using a striping brush. 
  • On the green nails, use the dark green and dark red nail polish to paint on the 2 horizontal lines you drew earlier.
  • Then paint a vertical line overlapping the horizontal lines painted in step 2.
  • Meticulously draw white stripes to decorate the nails with a thin brush. Then you clean and proceed to dry the brush.
  • After drawing the white stripe, take the dried thin brush and draw the black lines. You wait for the nail to dry completely for about 15 minutes.
  • As a final step, apply 2 coats of top coat to your nails to make them more beautiful and shiny.

Or you can watch this video for square plaid nail tutorial:

#3 Nail Designs With Gentle, Feminine Flowers

flowery nails mixing with some accesorries
How about flowery nails mixing with some accessories – Photo from

Referring to simple, beautiful nail designs, which are the trends of 2022, not to mention gentle and feminine flower nails is an omission. 

Beautiful nails neatly trimmed, decorated with floral designs will bring charm and elegance to your hands. These nail designs decorated with flowers seem to be born for those who prefer romantic and poetic style. The flower nail is light and simple, but it will give women confidence and attract attention at first sight. 

pastel nail, aesthetic matte flowery nail design
An aesthetic matte flowery nail design – Photo from 

In addition, if you want a beautiful nail set that is both feminine and disruptive, don’t be afraid to try 3D gel flower nail sets.

A 3D nail design with flowers with a powerful and arrogant beauty, sexy flowery nail
A 3D nail design with flowers with a powerful and arrogant beauty – Photo from

#2 Pastel Or Nude Nails With Design

Beautiful nail designs of pastel tones combined with matte paint create a sense of fashion, luxury and are also very easy to mix outfits. If you do not like the simple color nail style, why not combining with geometric decorations of cartoon animals?

Beautiful Nail Ideas With Glitter Paint

Nail glitter or crystal gel is also one of the nail trends around for a long time but never goes out of style. Your nails will be more prominent and sparkling thanks to the light reflective effect with glitter crystal gel. 

Nail glitter or crystal gel is also one of the nail trends, nude nail design
Do you love applying glitter polish at the tip of your nails – Photo from

It’s just shimmer paint, but there are also countless variations. Some ladies prefer only to paint half of their nails with shimmer.

pinky, nude nail idea of half with shimmer
A nail idea of half with shimmer – Photo from

However, if the nail polish is full of emulsions, it will look “cheesy”. So nowadays, most women will combine ombre paint or a mixture of glitter, pastel colors, and rhinestones to make the nail set more eyecatching. 

Prominently, light blue French tip nails are an option for girls who love glitter paint or pastel nail style.

the sexiest light blue French tip nails mixed with white
The sexiest light blue French tip nails to wear in 2022 are here! – Photo from
some of the original designs of light blue French tip nails
Light blue French tip nails – Photo from Pinterest

Block Nail Designs In Pastel Colors

Pastel nail color is not a tedious choice - blue and cute art
Pastel nail color is not a tedious choice – Photo from

Another popular nail style is the pastel-colored block nail design. This pattern definitely adds to the romance and creates a unique feature in the eyes of the beholder.

How to draw block nails with pastel colors:

  • Apply a layer of balm and wait for it to dry.
  • Use tape and cut each piece along the direction of the hand.
  • Apply a layer of pink, purple, light blue on the nails.
  • Use the brush tip to glide to distribute the paint color gently evenly.
  • Remove the adhesive tape you applied earlier.
  • Apply a layer of glossy paint to prevent the paint from being deformed.
  • To make the nails more prominent, you can decorate with more textures or draw simple shapes to illustrate, such as hearts, stars, etc.

Or you can mix a pastel vibe in your nail designs with lines like this: 

Nude Nails With Design

Although there are now many types of nail polish with diverse, luxurious, and more attractive tones, many ladies still prefer nude nail colors thanks to their gentle beauty. If you like to create a more special highlight for your nail set, you can decorate it with cute motifs such as fruits, cartoons, etc.

#1 Nail Design With Stones, Prefer Nude Nails With Design

Chic and charming stone-studded nails: an addition to your charm
Chic and charming stone-studded nails – Photo from

With these familiar accessories for nail art, girls can paint their nails pink, nude or light purple to increase their femininity. After that, you just need to attach a few small, pretty stones or beads to have a simple but elegant nail design with accessories.

If your “gut” favors simple but luxurious nail styles, you can refer to nail designs with metal accessories. This item type has the advantage of being outstanding. So, you just need to cover your nails with a layer of polish and decorate with accessories to complete a beautiful, gentle but luxurious nail design.

Long nude nails, gentle but luxurious nail design - nail designs with lines
A beautiful, gentle but luxurious nail design – Photo from

In general, there are diverse stone nail designs suitable for each year’s trends and meeting each person’s individual aesthetic taste. If you are a simple person, you can choose small, gentle stone-studded patterns. If you want to stand out on special occasions, choose large, high-reflective rhinestones to create a luxurious look that will always stand out and be stylish.

Don’t Hesitate To Mix Some Of The 4 Above

blue nails, ocean nails
Hey sky blue lover, this nail mix and match is for you – Photo from Chasing Shadows from Nailpolis
nail design for Christmas - nail designs with lines
A combination of moss green and red typical of Christmas – Photo from
KB Shimmer nail design - nail designs with lines
Courtesy of KB Shimmer – Photo from
Alluring nail designs with lines - black and white: basic but still charming - nail designs with lines
Alluring nail designs with lines – Photo from

3 Notes For Nail Aftercare To Make Them Beautiful And Durable

Gel nails are gorgeous, but they also make your nails prone to breakage and dryness. Therefore, knowing how to take care of nails after a manicure is essential to help the nails look beautiful and healthy. Pocket these tips for effective nail care, avoiding chipping, warping, and smudging.

Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Your Nails After Doing Your Nails Properly?

After doing the nail, the cuticle and the nail part are more or less damaged. Experts say that gel nail polish contains formaldehyde, making nails more brittle and easier to break. Therefore, nail care is necessary to keep the nails healthy and the skin around the nails not damaged. In addition, if you take care of your nails properly, the durability of nail polish will also last longer, helping you feel more confident with beautiful nails.

However, nail care after a manicure is not easy. Readers, please learn more information below to understand better the process and what to do after doing nails.

3 Notes For Nail Aftercare

Moisturizing Nails

Applying moisturizer to your nails is a must after you do your nails. You should use the cream on the nails and the skin around the nails. We recommend choosing nail creams that contain peptides to help strengthen nails and maximize moisture. Remember to use moisturizer only when rinsing your nails with water.

Using Gloves When In Contact With Water

You should use gloves when cooking, preparing food, washing dishes, etc. These activities contain substances that can make nails more susceptible to drying out. Using gloves will help protect nails from external influences, limit nail breakage, and help the paint color last longer.

Nail Care With Essential Oils

Using coconut oil or jojoba oil in your nail aftercare process is essential - essential oil for nail aftercare - nail designs with lines
Using coconut oil or jojoba oil in your nail aftercare process is essential – Photo from

Essential oils help add more nutrients to the nails and harden them, and make them shinier. After doing nails, you should use essential oils 2 times per week for about 1 month. Then you will clearly see the difference.

How to do: Use coconut oil or jojoba oil mixed with water and soak nails for about 15 minutes. You can combine with lemon and honey to add nutrients to the nails.

Using Nail Care Products

In addition to the above ways, you can add foods and pills to help supplement nutrients and nourish nails from the inside. Some beauty products that women can refer to are:

Blackmores Nails Hair and Skin Vitamins for Women

Blackmores Nail Hair Skin is a product from Australia that helps provide nutrients to overcome brittle, weak nails, dry hair, or aging skin. The product is highly appreciated by many experts and chosen by many consumers worldwide.

  • Ingredients: Biotin, zinc, folic acid, silica, iron, vitamin B5, vitamins, beta carotene,…
  • Uses: Blackmores Nail Hair Skin helps increase nail thickness, reduce nail breakage, nail breakage after a manicure, and make nails softer and more beautiful. In addition, the product provides many nutrients for the skin and hair to help prevent aging, smooth and firm hair.
Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin and Nails

Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin and Nails is a functional food in gummies and pills to help improve hair, nails, and skin. The product has many new innovative formulas to help bring high efficiency to women’s health care.

  • Ingredients: Vitamin C helps prevent aging, vitamin E helps maintain moisture in the skin, smoothes skin, biotin helps nails robust, long, and less broken.
  • Uses: The product helps to increase the thickness of the nails, making the nails not brittle and robust even when doing nails. In addition, the product also supports beautifying the skin and hair, making hair stronger and growing faster, preventing skin aging.
Olly Undeniable Beauty Gummy

Olly Undeniable Beauty Gummy is a product from the US and has many outstanding advantages in ingredients and uses. The product can satisfy even the most meticulous women in nail care.

  • Ingredients: Vitamin C, vitamin B7, vitamin E, Keratin, sugar, calories,…
  • Uses: This is a vitamin supplement product for the body, helping to provide cells that nourish skin, hair, and nails. After doing nails utilizing the product, you will see stronger nails, smooth skin around the nails, more durable nails, keeping the color long. In addition, the product also helps healthy skin, full of vitality, strong hair, smooth and shiny.
Swisse Hair Skin Nails

Swisse Hair Skin Nails is a favorite product of many women worldwide. These gummy products help replenish nutrients for the skin, hair, and nails.

  • Ingredients: Zinc, iron, vitamin C, biotin,…
  • Uses: The product helps beautify skin, nails, and hair by adding essential nutrients to help strengthen nails and limit brittleness. The product also helps to restrict wrinkles, pigmentation, freckles to help brighten and smooth skin. You can use the product to beautify your skin, make your hair soft and strengthen your nails.

Your Nail’s Done. Anything Else To Be Gorgeous?

I hope after reading Eatnlivewell‘s post, you will create your favorite nail designs with lines. Good luck!

Next, anything else to note to look gorgeous?

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Tired Of White French Tips? Try These Hottest Brown French Tip Nails


Like many girls out there, I love wearing nails all year and never get enough of trying out some new, astonishing manicures. No more white french tip nails, though these classic designs have stood the test of time. It is funny to say, but brown is actually one of my favorite colors. Synonymous with comfort and warm, brown French tip nails are an easy way to jazz up your nail look. Figure out your style by getting inspired by these ideas and tell your nail tech that you are ready for something new!

Brown French Tip Nails

They may be one of the most simple versions of the look. It is classic but still trendy with the core idea of the French manicure: painting color on the tip of the nails. But many modern designs, including brown French tip nails and coffin red nail designs, have taken a further step. It is exciting to get super creative designs instead of the timeless white polish across the nail’s tip. Feel free to pin any of the ideas below to recreate your nail art!

Traditional Brown French Tip

Brown French tip nails
Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

As an earthy tone that is strongly associated with cozy things, brown nails look good with almost any color combination. That said, it would be a nice option if you want nails that fit almost any outfit. 

Brown French Tip Nails With Dots

Brown French tip nails
Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for something simple and cute, these brown tips with dots will work their magic. This look is neat and clean for daily outfits, just enough pop to be interesting without being too out there. 

Brown Zebra Tip Nails

Brown French tip nails
Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

Is there anyone who falls for these brown zebra tip nails? Actually, these are my favorite brown french tip nails so far. I love how the look is effortless but still has enough details. This design is really interesting without being too dramatic. Perfect!

Abstract Brown Nails

Brown French tip nails
Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

What do you think about abstract brown nails? Simple, clean, or both? For me, this is another perfect option for true nail addicts!

Chocolate Brown With Gold Details

Brown French tip nails
Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

Chocolate brown with gold details is a super creative design inspired by brown French nail tips! These chocolate nails look so cute with swirly little gold dots on top of them, making your night outfit bright with gold accessories! 

Brown Nails With Different Designs

Brown French tip nails
Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

If you can not make up your mind, why don’t try brown french tip nails with different shapes? It can be a bit complicated to do, but I’m sure they are worth it! 

While brown French tip nails ooze a cozy vibe, coffin red nail designs can give a bold look to your manicure. If you love the idea of red nails that stand out from the crowd, take a look and get some nail inspiration.  

Coffin Red Nail Designs

Bright colors always work their magic to rock your nails, and red is always the all-rounded winner. But with many gorgeous tones of red, it is so fun to get inspiration, even if you are not a fan of vibrant colors. With that in mind, there are many amazing ways to jazz up your coffin red nail designs. Keep reading to find out.

Timeless Coffin Red French Tip

Coffin red nail designs
Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

First of all, let’s get inspired by the chic and timeless coffin red tip nails. As mentioned earlier, this nail design can suit everyone and any occasion. 

Matte Red Coffin Acrylic Nails

Coffin red nail designs
Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

Guess what? Matte red coffin acrylic nails are simple and easy to do. With that nail design, feel free to choose your favorite shade of red and make your nails stunning. Nails like these suit professionals best as they have no design. Call your tech nail and tell them that you would like a “Too sexy press on set”.

Various Shades Of Red

Coffin red nail designs
Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

As you can see, this design has more than a shade of red, and some of them are glossy. Nails with glitter and glam will always be a nice option if you want the design to stand out from the crowd. Let’s think first, when will you wear these nails? New Year’s Eve Party, Valentine’s Day? Personally, I would like to choose both!

Festive Nails

Coffin red nail designs
Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

Many people love festive red coffin nails because of how joyful these nails look. As you can see, all the nails feature their own design, and each of them is special: baubles, snowflakes, matte, and glitter nail design. However, they all have something in common: the winter elements. This nail art is amazing, eye-catching, and perfect for festive days.

Full Matte Dark Red With Diamond Studs

Coffin red nail designs
Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

Your manicures look chic and dazzling with a clean, full matte dark red and diamond studs on middle nails. Suppose you are looking for a Valentine nail art, there is no need to look elsewhere. Here’s your thing!


While routine manicures are a lifestyle we are fully committed to, it’s worth trying something new to rock our nails. Instead of white French tip nails, now we have many modern and gorgeous designs, including brown French tip nails and coffin red nail designs. Importantly, no matter how you refresh your manicure mood board, make sure you take care of your nails underneath. 

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