Skirt Steak Vs. Flank Steak: What Is The Prime Difference?

If you’re a steak buff, you’ve probably heard about the skirt and flank steak. These two cuts of beef are often used interchangeably in recipes, but they’re not exactly the same. So, get inside a quick rundown of skirt steak vs. flank steak

No wonder they’re both lean and flavorful, yet they come from different parts of the cow and have distinct textures. Their prime difference lies in their tenderness and taste. Skirt steak is known for its rich, beefy flavor and chewy texture, while flank steak is leaner and has a somewhat stricter texture. 

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Skirt Steak Vs. Flank Steak: Key Differences

To the nitty-gritty, see all the differences between the flank steak and the skirt steak:

Where They From

Skirt steak is a lean, long piece of meat sliced from the cow’s diaphragm muscles. It has a lot of sturdy fibers.

On the flip hand, flank steak comes from the cow’s lower abdomen. Therefore, it’s full of meaty muscles with many tough fibers, yet it is relatively lean. It’s wider and thicker than skirt steak and comes in an oval-like shape. 

Furthermore, another name for flank steak is London broil.

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Texture & Flavor

The skirt steak emits an even more robust meaty aroma than flank steak, as stated. 

Granted, as it has more stiff muscles than flank steak, you’d better cook it to a medium-rare or rare temperature to acquire the top-notch tender quality. When serving, it ought to be cut the other way around.

Meanwhile, the flank steak delivers an intensely beefy flavor yet may be somewhat tough. Tenderness is maximized when the meat is thinly sliced and served against the grain.

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They are not filet mignon. Although they have superb taste, they can be a bit tricky to chew.

The inside of the skirt is softer than the flank. What’s more, the outside skirt is more delicate than the flank and is more evenly proportioned.

These cuts can become softer by marinating in citrus, lemon juice, and olive oil overnight, along with using a mallet.

How To Cut

The similarities between skirts and flanks outweigh their differences. This covers the proper methods for serving and slicing each type of meat.

Every single one has a distinct grain structure. The direction of the muscle fibers can easily be seen accordingly. The best advice is to cut against the grain to make food easy to chew.

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Flank steak in your dish. Source: Pexels

Optimum Cooking Practices

Flankers require minimum preparation due to their low-fat content. Trim off any extra fat before using skirts. Make sure to remove the membrane before cooking and serving.

As the muscle fibers between the two cuts are loosely packed, they marinade well. To add a bit more taste, you can marinade them. They fantastically marinade in spices, which is why they function wonderfully in Mexican cuisine.

They also grill swiftly. You might as well raise the temperature while setting an eye on them. Cooking should end at medium rare, as it will be exceedingly tough when you cook it beyond medium rare.

the key difference between skirt steak and flank steak
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Some individuals decide to smoke these cuttings. Although it can provide a little flavor, this is typically not well worth the effort. You will only have the cut in the smoker for a short time, and you’ll still need to sear it.

Pro tips:

It’s optimal to cook skirt steak rapidly over high heat. Skirt steaks generally take marinades more effectively than flankers. It is a stunning meat for stir-frying. It is the conventional cut applied to fajitas.

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When preparing flank steak, remember that marinades work exceptionally well with this cut of meat and can even tenderize it. Fast, high-heat grilling or cooking is ideal for flank steak. It also works well when seared, stuffed, or grilled.

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Who You Should Serve Each Cut To 

Both cuts are perfect for you, your guests, and your family. They are delectable, reasonably priced, and well-liked at barbecues.

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Even so, as we’ve already mentioned, these cuts may be more brutal to chew due to their stiff fibers. Elders and kids often favor flank over skirt steak. For a skirt, trim off all of its membrane and extra fat so everyone will feel at ease and comfortable.


Skirt steaks typically cost less than flank steaks. The cost disparity is modest, though. Paying more is worthwhile if you are intrigued by a flank.

Moreover, taking a grasp of sure signs for bad steaks will help you avoid squandering a payout and stay healthy!

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Take-home Messages!

Steak lovers, these are for you! Are you tired of the same old cuts of meat? Do you want to try something new? Skirt and flank steak are prevailing cuts that can add variety to your meals. 

We’ve broken down the difference between skirt steak vs. flank steak. You need to know to make an informed choice the next time you’re at the butcher, from taste and texture to cooking methods. That’s sick at large! So, put on your apron, grab your knife, and embark on the cooking process. 

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