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Benefits of Massage Therapy

It feels relaxing getting a massage after a long work week. You’ll be able to soothe your muscles and joints that have been getting fatigued for months. Massages help increase your mental and physical wellness. Here are some benefits of massage therapy.

Reduces Your Stress Levels

When we’re overworked or going through family things, we need time to recharge with massage therapy. A massage allows you to release your pent-up frustrations in a calm environment. You have time to get away from your hectic schedule for a couple of hours.

Relieving your stress can help get your thoughts together and boost your energy to finish the week. You’ll be in a better mood around your family and your colleagues. That type of energy can make it better for other people to be around you.

When you’re in a better mental state, it can open up more opportunities and change the vibrations in your environment.

Can Flush Out Toxins

We carry a lot of stress in our bodies, which leads to toxin build-up. The inflammation in your muscles and joints makes it harder for your body to function. Getting regular massages can redirect that energy and help flush out lactic acid.

Not to mention, it helps you drain your sinuses and break up scar tissue. It’ll help you reduce the fatigue in your body. Also, it creates more stamina to help you get through the week.

Additionally, you can accelerate muscle and injury recovery. It’s a reliable method to prevent injuries by healing the body before it burns out.

Great for Boosting Immunity

The body isn’t as strong when it has so much lactic acid build-up. When you massage the body, you give it a blank slate to increase the blood flow. Better circulation can help your organs function optimally.

Reducing the stress in your body can help your body fight off infections. Masseuses have the expertise to help you get a better lymph flow to help you prevent diseases.

Keeps You Flexible

Another thing that makes massages great is the flexibility you gain. It’ll help you with your everyday tasks because you don’t feel a nagging pain from muscle stiffness. You’ll increase your range of motion to help you make your workouts more efficient. Don’t forget to do some healthy diets casually like eating gluten-free food.

Also, a quality masseuse can improve your posture to fight off back pain and other things that can plague you in your older age, forget Botox.

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How To Get Self Tanner Off Hands: 5 Tips Supermodels Will Never Tell You

Want to self-tan at home but worry about problems like orange hands? Don’t worry, experts Loretta (MD, FAAD, a Miami dermatologist) and Moe (Svelta Beauty’s founder) have come to save the days. They will disclose everything you need to know about self-tanning and supermodels’ secrets on how to get self tanner off hands

How To Make Tan At Home (Experts’ Guide) 

Shower And Exfoliate

Let’s face it! We have all been there when we accidentally left behind a streaky self-tanned skin. Most of the time, the reason behind that is that we haven’t showered and exfoliated beforehand. 

Indeed, showering and exfoliating are the first steps toward achieving a uniform, enduring self-tan.

“Self-tanners operate similarly to food dye that they dye the skin cells on the skin’s top layer,” Loretta reveals. “Gentle exfoliation before applying self-tanner leads to a more uniform look of the tan.”

If you have body hair, this is the time to wax or shave it.

Moisturize Important Areas 

Once you’re out of the bath, put on some lotion. However, you’ll only need to focus on some areas instead of slathering your body moisturizer all over the body. 

“It’s critical to take care of only dry regions (such as the ankle, foot, knee, elbow, wrist, palm, and so on) to keep these areas from absorbing too much dye,” advises Moe. “To optimize the performance of the self-tanner, the remainder of the body should be dry and clear of oils or moisturizers.”

Remember to moisturize important areas before self-tanning. - The Skincare Edit
Remember to moisturize important areas before self-tanning. – The Skincare Edit

Do you have light hair or eyebrows? Apply lotion to your eyebrows and hairline as well. 

“Light-haired ones should be careful not to get the tanner on their hairline or eyebrows,” Loretta says.

She reveals that the primary component in self-tanner, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), operates by coloring the keratin within your skin. Since keratin is also an element in hair, you may wind up with a terrible color job if you’re not cautious.

Wear Gloves Or Mittens

Hands are highly susceptible to becoming orangy following self-tanning; thus, wear some gloves or mittens to cover them for optimal outcomes. “Put on a tanning mitten or rubber gloves to uniformly distribute the self-tanning solution while preventing browning your fingertips and palms,” Moe advises.

If you’re going to rub the solution using your bare hands, ensure that they’re well-lotioned before that. Wash your hands using a cleaning solution and a towel after administering self-tanner. “The surface of the towel will assist in effectively exfoliating away the self-tanner left on your hand,” Loretta explains.

Spread In Long Strokes 

After you’ve prepped your skin and hands, start spreading your tanner. Note that your body has to be fully dry for the solution to penetrate, so never self-tan straight after your bath; instead, walk out of the steamy restroom and blot dry yourself. Wait at least 10 mins before self-tanning.

For even tanned skin, spread the product in long strokes. - Glamour
For even tanned skin, spread the product in long strokes. – Glamour 

“Distribute the product generously in long straight sweeps until nice and uniform, working on one area at a time.” Moe explains. “Make sure to dab on all visible regions to get a natural-looking appearance but only use the tanner lightly on your neck, face, hands, and dark areas like elbows or knees.”

Don’t be afraid of slathering on the tanner.

Interestingly, applying too much tanner will not make you orange—DHA can only tint the keratin underlying your skin to a limited extent—but applying too little product can result in a streaky appearance. So instead, apply a generous amount of solution to your gloves, enough to fully and uniformly cover your skin.

Clean Up The Excess

After you’ve done spreading your self-tanner, blot off any extra solution on the thicker areas surrounding your joints to ensure that your fake tan appears smoothly.

“Once you’ve done with the self-tanner, sweep a very lightly moist tissue paper over your knees, wrists, elbows, toes, and heels to clean up the extra pigment and remove unevenness,” adds Moe.

Allow It To Develop 

People say that haste makes waste, and the saying can’t be more accurate in this situation. Wait at least 20 mins before putting clothes on and at least 12 hours before showering or getting your tan even slightly damp.

After you wash the product, avoid waxing and shaving for as long as possible to prolong your tanned skin. Shaving removes dead skin cells (which lie on top), so your tan will be swept away together with your shaving foam or ripped away with the wax.

If you need to clean your legs or arms, Loretta recommends “using a hair removal lotion instead of waxing or shaving to extend the duration of the self-tanner.”

Moisturize & Wear Sunscreen 

Dryness is the nemesis of a fake tanned skin; according to Moe, “to retain your tan as long as possible, apply lotion all over your body every day.”

In addition, if you’re leaving your apartment, put on hydrating sunscreen. “We must keep in mind that self-tanner itself does not provide any sun-shielding properties,” Loretta warns.

Self-tan yourself as frequently as you need – several days after another should be more than enough –  for an enduring tan.

How To Get Self Tanner Off Hands: 5 Secrets From Supermodels 

Sadly, while using self-tanner, it is possible to make mistakes, especially orangish hands. If you do stumble into this specific issue, here are 6 ways runway models solve self-tanner issues.

Exfoliate the regions where there are stains or extra pigment

You may apply an exfoliator with microbeads, grains, or salts, or you can use a loofah or scrubber. This will scrape off the skin’s outermost part. The result will be a more uniform pigment distribution.

Baby oil 

Baby oil does help you tan, and there’s more to it. Indeed, baby oil is also useful when you have a huge overtanned spot that needs to be fixed. Apply baby oil on the spot and leave it on for around 10 mins. 

Baby oil helps remove unwanted self-tanner. - TMV Las Vegas
Baby oil helps remove unwanted self-tanner. – TMV Las Vegas 

Alternatively, try immersing your hands in a bucket of water with some capfuls of oil. It will not only nourish your hands but will also remove the color sitting on your skin, giving the appearance that the tan has disappeared.

Natural lighteners

Below are some options to consider. Most of them include acid, which helps to dissolve the tanned pigment on your hands:

  • A mixture of baking soda and water
  • Lemon juice
  • White vinegar
  • Baby wipes

If you only have a few small areas to deal with, massage them with a slice of lemon. Among the most efficient ways is to apply lemon extract using a cotton swab. If the spots are persistent, use a mixture of lime juice and baking soda.

Vinegar stinks, but if your streaks are persistent, consider wiping it on and allowing it to sit for approximately 10 mins. In terms of efficiency, baby wipes are hit or miss, but they are handy.

Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover with acetone

As these solutions are abrasive and stink, you should only use them after other treatments have failed. Apply with a cotton swab, wait a couple of minutes, and then wash. Because they are dehydrating, be careful to rehydrate afterward.

3 Aftercare Tips And 4 Types Of Nail Design Ideas: 3 Easiest Nail Designs With Lines To DIY 

Tired Of White French Tips? Try These Hottest Brown French Tip Nails 


Weird as it seems, but according to James Read (who has contributed to the luminous glows of Oscar-winning actors and superstars walking for Fashion Week’s top runways), “a bit of toothpaste works miracles for removing persistent fake tanned spots on hands and feet.”

All you have to do is use lightening toothpaste, massage it on, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then rinse it thoroughly.

Wrapping Up 

There you have it – everything you need to know regarding self-tanning, from how to self-tan to how to get self tanner off hands. Although there’s plenty to take notes of, self-tanning is among the best ways to boost your look. Thus, if you want to spice your look up a bit, give it a go!

For more beauty tips and advice, check our Eatnlivewell website!   

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3 Aftercare Tips And 4 Types Of Nail Design Ideas: 3 Easiest Nail Designs With Lines To DIY


Your satisfactory nail design definitely lies in the list of 4 nail styles we have summarized below. Also, if you are looking for easy nail designs that you can draw yourself, don’t take your eyes off this post. In other words, we have included a step-by-step guideline of pastel or shimmery styles and nail designs with lines. Particularly, nail designs with lines of stripes, horizontal lines, diagonal lines interwoven with stone accessories, or mixed colors are popular options as they bring an extraordinarily harmonious and impressive overall. 

Scroll down to see the nail designs with lines, glitter, and stones below, then choose the most eye-catching ideas for yourself.

#4 Nail Designs With Lines

Nail designs with lines of white, red, moss, green, or black never go out of style. You can easily add accessories such as attaching stones or flowers to enhance your nails’ charm.

How To Draw Nail Designs With Lines Simply?

  • Cuticle trimming and cleaning.
  • Apply a coat of primer (glossy polish) and wait a few seconds for it to dry.
  • Use adhesive tape for ease to create smudge-free straight lines.
  • Paint and peel off the tape, then add a layer of gloss for protection.
Black - pink nail designs with lines for minimalists, simple but not boring
Black – pink nail designs with lines for minimalists – Photo from Pinterest

Some More Unique Nail Designs

Cross Plaid Nail Of Diagonal Stripes

Some of the tools you will need to prepare include a small roll of duct tape and a paint bottle with optional dark and light colors.

The steps to draw diagonal stripes are as follows:

  • Apply a light coat all over the nails. Then glue 4 pieces of prepared tape across the nail.
  • Next, apply a dark coat on the tape and nail.
  • Let the paint dry for a few minutes, and slowly remove the tape. Now you have an impressively attractive diagonal striped nail design.
creative nail designs with lines
Cross plaid nail of diagonal stripes – Photo from Trang Beauty Salon
Colorful Square Plaid Nails

To draw colorful plaid nails, especially for Christmas, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • Detailed nail art brush.
  • Bottles of deep red, magenta, dark green, green, white, and black nail polish.
  • Topcoat and base coat.
  • Thin brush with long bristles (striping brush).
colorful nail designs with lines
Nail designs with lines aren’t dull, especially these, right? – Photo from nailsbymarcyboca on Instagram

Once you have prepared all the tools and materials, follow these steps:

  • First, alternately paint the nails with 1 green nail – 1 red nail with the prepared paint bottle.
  • Next, draw 2 horizontal lines on the nail using a striping brush. 
  • On the green nails, use the dark green and dark red nail polish to paint on the 2 horizontal lines you drew earlier.
  • Then paint a vertical line overlapping the horizontal lines painted in step 2.
  • Meticulously draw white stripes to decorate the nails with a thin brush. Then you clean and proceed to dry the brush.
  • After drawing the white stripe, take the dried thin brush and draw the black lines. You wait for the nail to dry completely for about 15 minutes.
  • As a final step, apply 2 coats of top coat to your nails to make them more beautiful and shiny.

Or you can watch this video for square plaid nail tutorial:

#3 Nail Designs With Gentle, Feminine Flowers

flowery nails mixing with some accesorries
How about flowery nails mixing with some accessories – Photo from

Referring to simple, beautiful nail designs, which are the trends of 2022, not to mention gentle and feminine flower nails is an omission. 

Beautiful nails neatly trimmed, decorated with floral designs will bring charm and elegance to your hands. These nail designs decorated with flowers seem to be born for those who prefer romantic and poetic style. The flower nail is light and simple, but it will give women confidence and attract attention at first sight. 

pastel nail, aesthetic matte flowery nail design
An aesthetic matte flowery nail design – Photo from 

In addition, if you want a beautiful nail set that is both feminine and disruptive, don’t be afraid to try 3D gel flower nail sets.

A 3D nail design with flowers with a powerful and arrogant beauty, sexy flowery nail
A 3D nail design with flowers with a powerful and arrogant beauty – Photo from

#2 Pastel Or Nude Nails With Design

Beautiful nail designs of pastel tones combined with matte paint create a sense of fashion, luxury and are also very easy to mix outfits. If you do not like the simple color nail style, why not combining with geometric decorations of cartoon animals?

Beautiful Nail Ideas With Glitter Paint

Nail glitter or crystal gel is also one of the nail trends around for a long time but never goes out of style. Your nails will be more prominent and sparkling thanks to the light reflective effect with glitter crystal gel. 

Nail glitter or crystal gel is also one of the nail trends, nude nail design
Do you love applying glitter polish at the tip of your nails – Photo from

It’s just shimmer paint, but there are also countless variations. Some ladies prefer only to paint half of their nails with shimmer.

pinky, nude nail idea of half with shimmer
A nail idea of half with shimmer – Photo from

However, if the nail polish is full of emulsions, it will look “cheesy”. So nowadays, most women will combine ombre paint or a mixture of glitter, pastel colors, and rhinestones to make the nail set more eyecatching. 

Prominently, light blue French tip nails are an option for girls who love glitter paint or pastel nail style.

the sexiest light blue French tip nails mixed with white
The sexiest light blue French tip nails to wear in 2022 are here! – Photo from
some of the original designs of light blue French tip nails
Light blue French tip nails – Photo from Pinterest

Block Nail Designs In Pastel Colors

Pastel nail color is not a tedious choice - blue and cute art
Pastel nail color is not a tedious choice – Photo from

Another popular nail style is the pastel-colored block nail design. This pattern definitely adds to the romance and creates a unique feature in the eyes of the beholder.

How to draw block nails with pastel colors:

  • Apply a layer of balm and wait for it to dry.
  • Use tape and cut each piece along the direction of the hand.
  • Apply a layer of pink, purple, light blue on the nails.
  • Use the brush tip to glide to distribute the paint color gently evenly.
  • Remove the adhesive tape you applied earlier.
  • Apply a layer of glossy paint to prevent the paint from being deformed.
  • To make the nails more prominent, you can decorate with more textures or draw simple shapes to illustrate, such as hearts, stars, etc.

Or you can mix a pastel vibe in your nail designs with lines like this: 

Nude Nails With Design

Although there are now many types of nail polish with diverse, luxurious, and more attractive tones, many ladies still prefer nude nail colors thanks to their gentle beauty. If you like to create a more special highlight for your nail set, you can decorate it with cute motifs such as fruits, cartoons, etc.

#1 Nail Design With Stones, Prefer Nude Nails With Design

Chic and charming stone-studded nails: an addition to your charm
Chic and charming stone-studded nails – Photo from

With these familiar accessories for nail art, girls can paint their nails pink, nude or light purple to increase their femininity. After that, you just need to attach a few small, pretty stones or beads to have a simple but elegant nail design with accessories.

If your “gut” favors simple but luxurious nail styles, you can refer to nail designs with metal accessories. This item type has the advantage of being outstanding. So, you just need to cover your nails with a layer of polish and decorate with accessories to complete a beautiful, gentle but luxurious nail design.

Long nude nails, gentle but luxurious nail design - nail designs with lines
A beautiful, gentle but luxurious nail design – Photo from

In general, there are diverse stone nail designs suitable for each year’s trends and meeting each person’s individual aesthetic taste. If you are a simple person, you can choose small, gentle stone-studded patterns. If you want to stand out on special occasions, choose large, high-reflective rhinestones to create a luxurious look that will always stand out and be stylish.

Don’t Hesitate To Mix Some Of The 4 Above

blue nails, ocean nails
Hey sky blue lover, this nail mix and match is for you – Photo from Chasing Shadows from Nailpolis
nail design for Christmas - nail designs with lines
A combination of moss green and red typical of Christmas – Photo from
KB Shimmer nail design - nail designs with lines
Courtesy of KB Shimmer – Photo from
Alluring nail designs with lines - black and white: basic but still charming - nail designs with lines
Alluring nail designs with lines – Photo from

3 Notes For Nail Aftercare To Make Them Beautiful And Durable

Gel nails are gorgeous, but they also make your nails prone to breakage and dryness. Therefore, knowing how to take care of nails after a manicure is essential to help the nails look beautiful and healthy. Pocket these tips for effective nail care, avoiding chipping, warping, and smudging.

Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Your Nails After Doing Your Nails Properly?

After doing the nail, the cuticle and the nail part are more or less damaged. Experts say that gel nail polish contains formaldehyde, making nails more brittle and easier to break. Therefore, nail care is necessary to keep the nails healthy and the skin around the nails not damaged. In addition, if you take care of your nails properly, the durability of nail polish will also last longer, helping you feel more confident with beautiful nails.

However, nail care after a manicure is not easy. Readers, please learn more information below to understand better the process and what to do after doing nails.

3 Notes For Nail Aftercare

Moisturizing Nails

Applying moisturizer to your nails is a must after you do your nails. You should use the cream on the nails and the skin around the nails. We recommend choosing nail creams that contain peptides to help strengthen nails and maximize moisture. Remember to use moisturizer only when rinsing your nails with water.

Using Gloves When In Contact With Water

You should use gloves when cooking, preparing food, washing dishes, etc. These activities contain substances that can make nails more susceptible to drying out. Using gloves will help protect nails from external influences, limit nail breakage, and help the paint color last longer.

Nail Care With Essential Oils

Using coconut oil or jojoba oil in your nail aftercare process is essential - essential oil for nail aftercare - nail designs with lines
Using coconut oil or jojoba oil in your nail aftercare process is essential – Photo from

Essential oils help add more nutrients to the nails and harden them, and make them shinier. After doing nails, you should use essential oils 2 times per week for about 1 month. Then you will clearly see the difference.

How to do: Use coconut oil or jojoba oil mixed with water and soak nails for about 15 minutes. You can combine with lemon and honey to add nutrients to the nails.

Using Nail Care Products

In addition to the above ways, you can add foods and pills to help supplement nutrients and nourish nails from the inside. Some beauty products that women can refer to are:

Blackmores Nails Hair and Skin Vitamins for Women

Blackmores Nail Hair Skin is a product from Australia that helps provide nutrients to overcome brittle, weak nails, dry hair, or aging skin. The product is highly appreciated by many experts and chosen by many consumers worldwide.

  • Ingredients: Biotin, zinc, folic acid, silica, iron, vitamin B5, vitamins, beta carotene,…
  • Uses: Blackmores Nail Hair Skin helps increase nail thickness, reduce nail breakage, nail breakage after a manicure, and make nails softer and more beautiful. In addition, the product provides many nutrients for the skin and hair to help prevent aging, smooth and firm hair.
Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin and Nails

Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin and Nails is a functional food in gummies and pills to help improve hair, nails, and skin. The product has many new innovative formulas to help bring high efficiency to women’s health care.

  • Ingredients: Vitamin C helps prevent aging, vitamin E helps maintain moisture in the skin, smoothes skin, biotin helps nails robust, long, and less broken.
  • Uses: The product helps to increase the thickness of the nails, making the nails not brittle and robust even when doing nails. In addition, the product also supports beautifying the skin and hair, making hair stronger and growing faster, preventing skin aging.
Olly Undeniable Beauty Gummy

Olly Undeniable Beauty Gummy is a product from the US and has many outstanding advantages in ingredients and uses. The product can satisfy even the most meticulous women in nail care.

  • Ingredients: Vitamin C, vitamin B7, vitamin E, Keratin, sugar, calories,…
  • Uses: This is a vitamin supplement product for the body, helping to provide cells that nourish skin, hair, and nails. After doing nails utilizing the product, you will see stronger nails, smooth skin around the nails, more durable nails, keeping the color long. In addition, the product also helps healthy skin, full of vitality, strong hair, smooth and shiny.
Swisse Hair Skin Nails

Swisse Hair Skin Nails is a favorite product of many women worldwide. These gummy products help replenish nutrients for the skin, hair, and nails.

  • Ingredients: Zinc, iron, vitamin C, biotin,…
  • Uses: The product helps beautify skin, nails, and hair by adding essential nutrients to help strengthen nails and limit brittleness. The product also helps to restrict wrinkles, pigmentation, freckles to help brighten and smooth skin. You can use the product to beautify your skin, make your hair soft and strengthen your nails.

Your Nail’s Done. Anything Else To Be Gorgeous?

I hope after reading Eatnlivewell‘s post, you will create your favorite nail designs with lines. Good luck!

Next, anything else to note to look gorgeous?

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Tired Of White French Tips? Try These Hottest Brown French Tip Nails


Like many girls out there, I love wearing nails all year and never get enough of trying out some new, astonishing manicures. No more white french tip nails, though these classic designs have stood the test of time. It is funny to say, but brown is actually one of my favorite colors. Synonymous with comfort and warm, brown French tip nails are an easy way to jazz up your nail look. Figure out your style by getting inspired by these ideas and tell your nail tech that you are ready for something new!

Brown French Tip Nails

They may be one of the most simple versions of the look. It is classic but still trendy with the core idea of the French manicure: painting color on the tip of the nails. But many modern designs, including brown French tip nails and coffin red nail designs, have taken a further step. It is exciting to get super creative designs instead of the timeless white polish across the nail’s tip. Feel free to pin any of the ideas below to recreate your nail art!

Traditional Brown French Tip

Brown French tip nails
Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

As an earthy tone that is strongly associated with cozy things, brown nails look good with almost any color combination. That said, it would be a nice option if you want nails that fit almost any outfit. 

Brown French Tip Nails With Dots

Brown French tip nails
Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for something simple and cute, these brown tips with dots will work their magic. This look is neat and clean for daily outfits, just enough pop to be interesting without being too out there. 

Brown Zebra Tip Nails

Brown French tip nails
Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

Is there anyone who falls for these brown zebra tip nails? Actually, these are my favorite brown french tip nails so far. I love how the look is effortless but still has enough details. This design is really interesting without being too dramatic. Perfect!

Abstract Brown Nails

Brown French tip nails
Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

What do you think about abstract brown nails? Simple, clean, or both? For me, this is another perfect option for true nail addicts!

Chocolate Brown With Gold Details

Brown French tip nails
Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

Chocolate brown with gold details is a super creative design inspired by brown French nail tips! These chocolate nails look so cute with swirly little gold dots on top of them, making your night outfit bright with gold accessories! 

Brown Nails With Different Designs

Brown French tip nails
Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

If you can not make up your mind, why don’t try brown french tip nails with different shapes? It can be a bit complicated to do, but I’m sure they are worth it! 

While brown French tip nails ooze a cozy vibe, coffin red nail designs can give a bold look to your manicure. If you love the idea of red nails that stand out from the crowd, take a look and get some nail inspiration.  

Coffin Red Nail Designs

Bright colors always work their magic to rock your nails, and red is always the all-rounded winner. But with many gorgeous tones of red, it is so fun to get inspiration, even if you are not a fan of vibrant colors. With that in mind, there are many amazing ways to jazz up your coffin red nail designs. Keep reading to find out.

Timeless Coffin Red French Tip

Coffin red nail designs
Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

First of all, let’s get inspired by the chic and timeless coffin red tip nails. As mentioned earlier, this nail design can suit everyone and any occasion. 

Matte Red Coffin Acrylic Nails

Coffin red nail designs
Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

Guess what? Matte red coffin acrylic nails are simple and easy to do. With that nail design, feel free to choose your favorite shade of red and make your nails stunning. Nails like these suit professionals best as they have no design. Call your tech nail and tell them that you would like a “Too sexy press on set”.

Various Shades Of Red

Coffin red nail designs
Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

As you can see, this design has more than a shade of red, and some of them are glossy. Nails with glitter and glam will always be a nice option if you want the design to stand out from the crowd. Let’s think first, when will you wear these nails? New Year’s Eve Party, Valentine’s Day? Personally, I would like to choose both!

Festive Nails

Coffin red nail designs
Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

Many people love festive red coffin nails because of how joyful these nails look. As you can see, all the nails feature their own design, and each of them is special: baubles, snowflakes, matte, and glitter nail design. However, they all have something in common: the winter elements. This nail art is amazing, eye-catching, and perfect for festive days.

Full Matte Dark Red With Diamond Studs

Coffin red nail designs
Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

Your manicures look chic and dazzling with a clean, full matte dark red and diamond studs on middle nails. Suppose you are looking for a Valentine nail art, there is no need to look elsewhere. Here’s your thing!


While routine manicures are a lifestyle we are fully committed to, it’s worth trying something new to rock our nails. Instead of white French tip nails, now we have many modern and gorgeous designs, including brown French tip nails and coffin red nail designs. Importantly, no matter how you refresh your manicure mood board, make sure you take care of your nails underneath. 

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