Tired Of White French Tips? Try These Hottest Brown French Tip Nails

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Like many girls out there, I love wearing nails all year and never get enough of trying out some new, astonishing manicures. No more white french tip nails, though these classic designs have stood the test of time. It is funny to say, but brown is actually one of my favorite colors. Synonymous with comfort and warm, brown French tip nails are an easy way to jazz up your nail look. Figure out your style by getting inspired by these ideas and tell your nail tech that you are ready for something new!

Brown French Tip Nails

They may be one of the most simple versions of the look. It is classic but still trendy with the core idea of the French manicure: painting color on the tip of the nails. But many modern designs, including brown French tip nails and coffin red nail designs, have taken a further step. It is exciting to get super creative designs instead of the timeless white polish across the nail’s tip. Feel free to pin any of the ideas below to recreate your nail art!

Traditional Brown French Tip

Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

As an earthy tone that is strongly associated with cozy things, brown nails look good with almost any color combination. That said, it would be a nice option if you want nails that fit almost any outfit. 

Brown French Tip Nails With Dots

Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for something simple and cute, these brown tips with dots will work their magic. This look is neat and clean for daily outfits, just enough pop to be interesting without being too out there. 

Brown Zebra Tip Nails

Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

Is there anyone who falls for these brown zebra tip nails? Actually, these are my favorite brown french tip nails so far. I love how the look is effortless but still has enough details. This design is really interesting without being too dramatic. Perfect!

Abstract Brown Nails

Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

What do you think about abstract brown nails? Simple, clean, or both? For me, this is another perfect option for true nail addicts!

Chocolate Brown With Gold Details

Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

Chocolate brown with gold details is a super creative design inspired by brown French nail tips! These chocolate nails look so cute with swirly little gold dots on top of them, making your night outfit bright with gold accessories! 

Brown Nails With Different Designs

Brown French tip nails – Source: Pinterest

If you can not make up your mind, why don’t try brown french tip nails with different shapes? It can be a bit complicated to do, but I’m sure they are worth it! 

While brown French tip nails ooze a cozy vibe, coffin red nail designs can give a bold look to your manicure. If you love the idea of red nails that stand out from the crowd, take a look and get some nail inspiration.  

Coffin Red Nail Designs

Bright colors always work their magic to rock your nails, and red is always the all-rounded winner. But with many gorgeous tones of red, it is so fun to get inspiration, even if you are not a fan of vibrant colors. With that in mind, there are many amazing ways to jazz up your coffin red nail designs. Keep reading to find out.

Timeless Coffin Red French Tip

Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

First of all, let’s get inspired by the chic and timeless coffin red tip nails. As mentioned earlier, this nail design can suit everyone and any occasion. 

Matte Red Coffin Acrylic Nails

Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

Guess what? Matte red coffin acrylic nails are simple and easy to do. With that nail design, feel free to choose your favorite shade of red and make your nails stunning. Nails like these suit professionals best as they have no design. Call your tech nail and tell them that you would like a “Too sexy press on set”.

Various Shades Of Red

Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

As you can see, this design has more than a shade of red, and some of them are glossy. Nails with glitter and glam will always be a nice option if you want the design to stand out from the crowd. Let’s think first, when will you wear these nails? New Year’s Eve Party, Valentine’s Day? Personally, I would like to choose both!

Festive Nails

Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

Many people love festive red coffin nails because of how joyful these nails look. As you can see, all the nails feature their own design, and each of them is special: baubles, snowflakes, matte, and glitter nail design. However, they all have something in common: the winter elements. This nail art is amazing, eye-catching, and perfect for festive days.

Full Matte Dark Red With Diamond Studs

Coffin red nail designs – Source: Pinterest

Your manicures look chic and dazzling with a clean, full matte dark red and diamond studs on middle nails. Suppose you are looking for a Valentine nail art, there is no need to look elsewhere. Here’s your thing!


While routine manicures are a lifestyle we are fully committed to, it’s worth trying something new to rock our nails. Instead of white French tip nails, now we have many modern and gorgeous designs, including brown French tip nails and coffin red nail designs. Importantly, no matter how you refresh your manicure mood board, make sure you take care of your nails underneath. 

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