Subtle Face Framing Highlights On Dark Hair: Top 15 Worth Trying

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Face-framing highlights is a coloring technique that helps you delicately accentuate your best features. Particularly, subtle face-framing highlights on dark hair are excellent ways to add extra brightness around the face while flattering your skin tone, face shape, and hair color, creating a stunning dimensional look.

Face-framing layers are arguably the most feminine, appealing, and adaptable hairstyle component. These items may be adjusted to accentuate the best characteristics of practically any face shape by being made shorter, longer, softer, or more defined.

One more incredible thing about face-framing highlights is that they can be applied to your present hairdo in various ways, are acceptable for everyone, are simple to keep, and are easy to handle. 

Visiting a hairdresser is the best way to figure out which color choice is best for you. But until then, we’ve compiled a list of possibilities for you to sort over, which ranges from vibrant blonde tones, and natural brunette shades, to auburn tints. 

Need inspiration? Let’s check out our selections right here!

1. Subtle Face-Framing for Mermaid Hair

This romantic haircut keeps the overall color scheme light and natural, with only a hint of sandy blonde to brighten the face.

(Source: @ halliebushhair)

2. Brunette with Blonde Front Highlights

You can’t go wrong with beige blonde if you’re seeking which face-framing styles are the best fit to brunette hair!

(Source: @ michelle)

It would be an excellent choice combining with brown French tip nails to make a ton sur ton! Also, refer to our aftercare tips and dazzling nail designs for the best outcome.

3. Lilac Brunette

Stylish yet subtle. With a light ash brown foundation and dark lilac highlights around the face, this sophisticated contrast creates the appearance of increased volume at the crown.

(Source: @ Shiseido Professional)

4. Two Blonde Front Streaks in Great Fit with Fine-Line Balayage

Brilliant use of contrasts that mixes and matches both colors and streak widths.

(Source: @ Abbey Brookee)

5.  Wavy Caramel Balayage

A stylish and seductive hairstyle with a dark, curly bob, caramel balayage, and face-framing highlights would be an intelligent choice to express your uniqueness!

(Source: Pinterest)

6. Curly Auburn

This hairstyle and coloring choice may be ideal for you if you are drawn to auburn hues. We adore how the front colors almost appear golden while blending in with the red and somewhat brownish hair in the back.

(Source: @ sammiejones_hair)

7. Blonde Contrast in Dark Hair Face Framing Highlights

The contrast of blonde and the tones of jet black since it is bold and sleek is just splendid! You can choose to either curl them a little to add some texture or keep them straight for a fashionable look.

(Source: @ sabletoothtigre)

8. Ginger Hair with Blonde Front Pieces: 

This striking ginger hair with extra blonde face-framing highlights will make you stand out from any crowd due to its eye-catching bright color.

(Source: Pinterest)

9. Ashy Highlights in Mushroom Brown Hair

These blonde ribbons around the face go in with the rest of the subdued color scheme flawlessly while also adding a hint of brightness to make the dark color sparkle and shimmer with brown and gray tones.

(Source: @ michelle)

10. Blonde Highlights Surround the Face in Light Brown Waves

If you’re not ready to dye your hair a solid vanilla blonde, you can start your brunette-to-blonde transition by locally adding this warm and vibrant shade.

(Source: @ Paula)

11. Creamy and Chunky Hair Colors

Even though these face-framing pieces are relatively broad, the proper combination of colors prevents them from seeming garish even when contrasting with the dark brown roots.

(Source: @ Maddie)

12. Sweet Strawberry Blonde Hairdo

Choosing strawberry blonde hair for the summer? To get that summer shine, apply thick blonde face-framing highlights. Additionally, scatter some highlights through the ends to combine the two hues.

(Source: @ Ashlee Allen)

13. Peek of Platinum

Platinum is a cool-toned option for folks who wish to contrast their natural hair color.

(Source: Pinterest)

14. Chunky Punky Front Highlights

You’ll enjoy the punk-inspired effects that hefty face-framing highlights may provide. For a significant makeover, use them on black hair in blonde.

(Source: @ linsonhair)

15. Beach Babe with Money Pieces

With big blonde highlights that frame your face this summer, you’ll be the perfect beach babe. Make your face’s highlights two or three shades lighter than your base color to achieve the desired effect.

(Source: @ Junior)

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Desire to Upgrade Yourself to the Next Level?

If so, a new and subtle face-framing highlights on dark hair will be a brilliant starting point for you.

Don’t hesitate to opt for your favorite face framing hairstyle to bring out your best facial features and add a bold twist to your everyday look!



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