5 Ways To Create Your Vibe With Electric Blue Neon Blue Aesthetic

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Blue. Even the word itself evokes a warm and soft sensation, like a hug or a deep breath. Of course, it becomes even more striking visually. “We love to contemplate blue, not because it advances to us, but because it draws us after it,” said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. “The world is blue at its edges and in its depths. This blue is the light that got lost,” echoed Rebecca Solnit. Just like how this color has been alluring countless writers and artists throughout history, it’s also the most preferred option for interior design. Following the rebirth of the neon trend, why don’t you add some electric blue neon blue aesthetic to your living space? 

The Meaning Of Electric Blue Color And Why You Should Use It In Your Home

There is a reason blue is so popular and well-loved in interior design. Associated with the sky and the sea, this color is the synonym for loyalty, humidity, trust, and wisdom. In feng-shui, blue represents the water element, indicating comfort and relaxation. 

Indeed, the color blue possesses a powerful calming effect. According to studies, it promotes good concentration while slowing down your respiration and heart rate. Since your bedroom is a place for peace and relaxation, blue is the perfect color. Different shades of blue affect your mood differently, though, depending on what is associated with that shade in nature. For example, the aqua of the Caribbean gives off a carefree vibe, while midnight blue is more serene and mysterious, just like the night sky. 

What about neon blue? In fact, it is a bright and vivid shade, similar to cyan, aqua, or turquoise. This shade was initially named after the color of the ionized airglow, which is a byproduct of electrical discharges. Nowadays, it is seen as the color of lighting, electric sparks, and other vibrant blues that are metaphorically “electric.” 

In everyday use, though, the term “neon blue” or “electric blue” can apply to a range of bright blue varying in intensity. That being said, in addition to the original meaning, neon blue also communicates energy, creativity, excitement, and youth. Deeper blue can also be linked with sadness and exhaustion – we all “feel blue” sometimes, right? In this way, extended exposure to this color might lead to feelings of drowsiness. Electric blue is less likely to make this impression. Instead, it helps you feel more energized and motivated, especially when you blend it carefully with other colors. 

Neon Blue Color Code Is #7DF9FF – Source: HTML Color Code

Despite being a vivid, eye-catching color, neon blue is versatile. You can add a pop of color by pairing it with white or use it alongside other vibrant hues like orange, silver, coral, and hot pink to make your room looks like a sci-fi movie. Take a look at the 5 awesome ideas below, we will help you create a uniquely sleek and artistic space of your own!

Awesome Ways To Bring Electric Blue Neon Blue Aesthetic To Your Space

Create A Futuristic Space

Futuristic Room Idea – Source: MYMOVE

Are you interested in time-traveling? Or are you enchanted by the mysteries of space? In that case, let’s transform your room into a sci-fi movie scene by adding some electric blue neon blue aesthetic! 

Lights can create magic, and blue neon lights are even more powerful. If you combine them with the right furniture, it will be fantastic. Think about adding blue neon light to your gaming space with a computer console, and voilà, your futuristic setup is done. Unleash your creativity with an electric blue neon blue aesthetic sign, such as this one: 

Electric Blue Neon Blue Aesthetic Custom Sign – Source: Neongrand

In case you love the idea of a color-drenched room but are not fond of flashy neon signs, this simple tube light is enough to cast a colorful glow throughout a room:

Neon Tube LED – Source: Apartmenttherapy

Contrast Electric Blue Neon To A Dark Wall

Just spend a few minutes on TikTok, you will see how folks are going gaga about this trend. Light neon blue aesthetic offers a pop of color, which can instantly make your wall more lively. In addition, your wall will become more unique and impressive to any visitor! 

Light Blue Neon On Dark-Colored Wall – Source: Purple And Blue Aesthetic

If you place blue neon lights against a dark-colored wall, you don’t even need complete darkness to catch neon feels. It will shine on its own, so say goodbye to the dull wall and say hi to a good time! 

Accent Items With Electric Blue Neon Blue Aesthetic

Neon lights are versatile, but more than anything, I’d love to use them to accent items. Placing neon lights behind an object is the best way to catch people’s attention. For instance, if there is an artwork you like, put neon lights around it. Additionally, blue neon lights can make everything appear 10 times cooler, giving the artwork a modern feel! 

Another way is to place neon lights beneath the furniture in your room, which will give a warm glow from below and will highlight the exquisitely selected furniture. 

Use Electric Blue Neon Blue Aesthetic To Accentuate Your Furniture – Source: MYMOVE

You may also want to accentuate the photographs on your wall using neon lights. For your relaxing time, turn off all the lights but the neon ones and immerse in your beautiful memories! 

Wanna refresh your room on a budget? This list of aesthetic things to buy on Amazon will come in handy!

Create A Specific Vibe With Blue Neon Signs

Neon-lit signs have always been a city aesthetic with their soft and warm glow. From signaling a bar in the next street to announcing a hotel in the alley, they are the best choice to set the mood and catch the attention. For your room, you can also reinvent what the neon lights were originally intended for: Signs!

A blue neon sign that says “Welcome” on your walls will make your visitors feel at home right away. If you have a reading corner, you can hang on a simple neon sign that reminds guests to stay quiet. Either using a witty quote or just “Maintain silence” will work. 

Words, if used properly, can create a specific atmosphere in your own space. Anything, such as a neon sign that reads “wanderlust” or “dream”, can remind you of your aspiration and give the room a unique vibe. Decorate your room with electric blue neon blue aesthetic quotes, you will be surrounded with a positive vibe and stay motivated always. In room decorations for teenage girls, this idea works perfectly, giving off a dreamy and calming atmosphere. 

Electric Blue Neon Blue Aesthetic Quotes Can Create Any Mood, From Dreamy To Motivational – Source: Pinterest

Keep Calm And Stay Blue! 

The electric blue neon blue aesthetic might have taken a step away from fashion for many years, but there is a reason it has been showing up all over Instagram in interior design: It is calming and motivating, serene and energetic at the same time. That said, you can use it to show the world who you are and get yourself many admirers for this expensive taste!  



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