How To Get Self Tanner Off Hands: 5 Tips Supermodels Will Never Tell You

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Want to self-tan at home but worry about problems like orange hands? Don’t worry, experts Loretta (MD, FAAD, a Miami dermatologist) and Moe (Svelta Beauty’s founder) have come to save the days. They will disclose everything you need to know about self-tanning and supermodels’ secrets on how to get self tanner off hands

How To Make Tan At Home (Experts’ Guide) 

Shower And Exfoliate

Let’s face it! We have all been there when we accidentally left behind a streaky self-tanned skin. Most of the time, the reason behind that is that we haven’t showered and exfoliated beforehand. 

Indeed, showering and exfoliating are the first steps toward achieving a uniform, enduring self-tan.

“Self-tanners operate similarly to food dye that they dye the skin cells on the skin’s top layer,” Loretta reveals. “Gentle exfoliation before applying self-tanner leads to a more uniform look of the tan.”

If you have body hair, this is the time to wax or shave it.

Moisturize Important Areas 

Once you’re out of the bath, put on some lotion. However, you’ll only need to focus on some areas instead of slathering your body moisturizer all over the body. 

“It’s critical to take care of only dry regions (such as the ankle, foot, knee, elbow, wrist, palm, and so on) to keep these areas from absorbing too much dye,” advises Moe. “To optimize the performance of the self-tanner, the remainder of the body should be dry and clear of oils or moisturizers.”

Remember to moisturize important areas before self-tanning. – The Skincare Edit

Do you have light hair or eyebrows? Apply lotion to your eyebrows and hairline as well. 

“Light-haired ones should be careful not to get the tanner on their hairline or eyebrows,” Loretta says.

She reveals that the primary component in self-tanner, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), operates by coloring the keratin within your skin. Since keratin is also an element in hair, you may wind up with a terrible color job if you’re not cautious.

Wear Gloves Or Mittens

Hands are highly susceptible to becoming orangy following self-tanning; thus, wear some gloves or mittens to cover them for optimal outcomes. “Put on a tanning mitten or rubber gloves to uniformly distribute the self-tanning solution while preventing browning your fingertips and palms,” Moe advises.

If you’re going to rub the solution using your bare hands, ensure that they’re well-lotioned before that. Wash your hands using a cleaning solution and a towel after administering self-tanner. “The surface of the towel will assist in effectively exfoliating away the self-tanner left on your hand,” Loretta explains.

Spread In Long Strokes 

After you’ve prepped your skin and hands, start spreading your tanner. Note that your body has to be fully dry for the solution to penetrate, so never self-tan straight after your bath; instead, walk out of the steamy restroom and blot dry yourself. Wait at least 10 mins before self-tanning.

For even tanned skin, spread the product in long strokes. – Glamour 

“Distribute the product generously in long straight sweeps until nice and uniform, working on one area at a time.” Moe explains. “Make sure to dab on all visible regions to get a natural-looking appearance but only use the tanner lightly on your neck, face, hands, and dark areas like elbows or knees.”

Don’t be afraid of slathering on the tanner.

Interestingly, applying too much tanner will not make you orange—DHA can only tint the keratin underlying your skin to a limited extent—but applying too little product can result in a streaky appearance. So instead, apply a generous amount of solution to your gloves, enough to fully and uniformly cover your skin.

Clean Up The Excess

After you’ve done spreading your self-tanner, blot off any extra solution on the thicker areas surrounding your joints to ensure that your fake tan appears smoothly.

“Once you’ve done with the self-tanner, sweep a very lightly moist tissue paper over your knees, wrists, elbows, toes, and heels to clean up the extra pigment and remove unevenness,” adds Moe.

Allow It To Develop 

People say that haste makes waste, and the saying can’t be more accurate in this situation. Wait at least 20 mins before putting clothes on and at least 12 hours before showering or getting your tan even slightly damp.

After you wash the product, avoid waxing and shaving for as long as possible to prolong your tanned skin. Shaving removes dead skin cells (which lie on top), so your tan will be swept away together with your shaving foam or ripped away with the wax.

If you need to clean your legs or arms, Loretta recommends “using a hair removal lotion instead of waxing or shaving to extend the duration of the self-tanner.”

Moisturize & Wear Sunscreen 

Dryness is the nemesis of a fake tanned skin; according to Moe, “to retain your tan as long as possible, apply lotion all over your body every day.”

In addition, if you’re leaving your apartment, put on hydrating sunscreen. “We must keep in mind that self-tanner itself does not provide any sun-shielding properties,” Loretta warns.

Self-tan yourself as frequently as you need – several days after another should be more than enough –  for an enduring tan.

How To Get Self Tanner Off Hands: 5 Secrets From Supermodels 

Sadly, while using self-tanner, it is possible to make mistakes, especially orangish hands. If you do stumble into this specific issue, here are 6 ways runway models solve self-tanner issues.

Exfoliate the regions where there are stains or extra pigment

You may apply an exfoliator with microbeads, grains, or salts, or you can use a loofah or scrubber. This will scrape off the skin’s outermost part. The result will be a more uniform pigment distribution.

Baby oil 

Baby oil does help you tan, and there’s more to it. Indeed, baby oil is also useful when you have a huge overtanned spot that needs to be fixed. Apply baby oil on the spot and leave it on for around 10 mins. 

Baby oil helps remove unwanted self-tanner. – TMV Las Vegas 

Alternatively, try immersing your hands in a bucket of water with some capfuls of oil. It will not only nourish your hands but will also remove the color sitting on your skin, giving the appearance that the tan has disappeared.

Natural lighteners

Below are some options to consider. Most of them include acid, which helps to dissolve the tanned pigment on your hands:

  • A mixture of baking soda and water
  • Lemon juice
  • White vinegar
  • Baby wipes

If you only have a few small areas to deal with, massage them with a slice of lemon. Among the most efficient ways is to apply lemon extract using a cotton swab. If the spots are persistent, use a mixture of lime juice and baking soda.

Vinegar stinks, but if your streaks are persistent, consider wiping it on and allowing it to sit for approximately 10 mins. In terms of efficiency, baby wipes are hit or miss, but they are handy.

Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover with acetone

As these solutions are abrasive and stink, you should only use them after other treatments have failed. Apply with a cotton swab, wait a couple of minutes, and then wash. Because they are dehydrating, be careful to rehydrate afterward.

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Weird as it seems, but according to James Read (who has contributed to the luminous glows of Oscar-winning actors and superstars walking for Fashion Week’s top runways), “a bit of toothpaste works miracles for removing persistent fake tanned spots on hands and feet.”

All you have to do is use lightening toothpaste, massage it on, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then rinse it thoroughly.

Wrapping Up 

There you have it – everything you need to know regarding self-tanning, from how to self-tan to how to get self tanner off hands. Although there’s plenty to take notes of, self-tanning is among the best ways to boost your look. Thus, if you want to spice your look up a bit, give it a go!

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