Fat And Weird Cookies: Top 5 Must-Have Cookies Everyone Should Try

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Wants to find the Florida version of Big Fat cookie in Chicago? Try Fat and Weird Cookies! These delicious treats will blow your mind with one-of-a-kind concepts and mixes. Don’t know which one to try first? Don’t worry; I have reviewed the 5 best options for you in today’s post. Keep reading!

Fat And Weird Cookies: What Are They?

Fat and Weird Cookies are top-notch, oversized delicious cookies sporting strange names. All Fat and Weird Cookies begin with a special base dough that is tasty enough to eat on its own without the addition of mix-ins or fillings.

After that, this base dough is further enhanced with the perfect mix of fillings and toppings to guarantee you’re still munching a cookie and not a mouthful of candies!

Cookies last for roughly 3 weeks after they’re baked; however, you can refrigerate them for up to 6 months. If you don’t consume them within 7 days, keep them in the fridge until you eat them. Simply leave them out to defrost or microwave them to reheat.

According to my cookie dealer’s heating instructions, these cookies should be reheated in the microwave for 12 secs or the oven at 350°F for 3-5 minutes.

5 Best Fat And Weird Cookies You Should Try 

Black Beauty (170 cal)

The Black Beauty features a chocolate chip cookie crust with white chocolate bits, choco wafer cookie crumbs, cookies, and a crème bar filled inside.

This cookie offers the winning mixture of dark cocoa plus white chocolates. I’m not lying when I say that snacking this cookie feels fantastic. The Black Beauty tastes like an Oreo, but 10 times tastier thanks to melting white chocolate pieces and soft crust. Indeed, Black Beauty is as near to excellence as you could get.

Black Beauty is my all-time favorite. – Fat And Weird 

Although the cookie’s concept is cookies and crème, Aubrie and Brad took things further by adding white chocolates and the cookies and crème bar. This elevated Black Beauty’s taste to a new level.

Regrettably, this cookie’s mouthfeel was missing. Black Beauty is a bit flaky and dry. I was expecting a moist center!

Big Sexy (170 cal)

“Big Sexy,” its name says it all! According to the concept, Big Sexy has a choco crust mixed with salty caramel chunks.

This cookie offers just the right amount of crust, chocolates, and caramel. No ingredient’s taste is overpowered by the others. The gooey caramel pairs so well with the decadent chocolates. However, it needs a little salty reprieve from the sweetness.

Big Sexy is also a yummy cookie. – Fat And Weird

As I bit into the gooey caramel, I had to admit that Big Sexy stays true to its moniker. This delicacy has an excellent mouthfeel. On the outer crust, it is crispy, but in the center, it is fluffy and comforting. With every bite, the chocolates and caramel explode and harmonize in your mouth.

Although Big Sexy cookie’s concept isn’t unique, it is done beautifully. Thus, this timeless combo of caramel plus chocolates will never let you down.

The Pudge (190 cal) 

“The Pudge” comes up next. It features a peanut butter biscuit crust that’s also layered with choco bits, sprinkled with Reese’s Pieces, then covered with a whole XL peanut butter scoop.

Aubrie and Brad recreated the legendary combination of peanut butter and chocolates. Indeed, loading a cookie with a whole peanut butter scoop is a bold decision, and I must say they succeeded.

If you’re all about peanut butter, The Pudge is for you. – Fat And Weird

The Pudge is truly a “peanut butter fan’s pleasure,” as Fat and Weird Cookie puts it. Each delectable nibble is a spoonful of rich peanut butter and creamy chocolates.

Honestly, I would have preferred a greater chocolate-to-peanut-butter mix in the cookie. The XL Reese’s bits are a little overbearing, but if you luckily get a cookie with a balanced peanut butter scoop and cookie crust ratio, it’s perfect.

When it comes to the mouthfeel, the Pudge impresses me. Indeed, the Pudge is exactly as its name: fluffy and creamy, and it melts in the mouth in no time. Likewise, Reese’s bits on top melts quite nicely. Meanwhile, the peanut butter scoop will remain in place while the choco coating seeps out perfectly. 

The Party Animal (160 cal)

The icing cookie dough of the Party Animal is interwoven with colorful decorations and packed with vanilla icing. Finally, a glazed animal biscuit is placed on the cookie to complete everything.

The Party Animal is a cookie rendition of the tastiest birthday cakes you’ve ever had. The crispiness of the animal biscuit balances the vanilla icing’s richness. 

It tastes, however, quite sugary and might be overwhelming at times. Also, it was tricky to have more than a couple of bits at a time because of the sugar content.

My next spot on the list goes to The Party Animal. – Fat And Weird 

The Party Animal, similar to The Pudge, nailed on the mouthfeel. The cookie was moist and toasty when it got out of the oven. The vanilla frosting softened gently, providing a richness to the cookie that enhanced it.

This cookie is tasty, Instagram-worthy, and not your usual cookie. Instead, the Party Animal resembles an over-the-top birthday cake. Filling the cookie with frosting and finishing it with a decorated animal biscuit is a brilliant idea that earns The Party Animal a lovely 10 for the concept.

The Brad (122 cal) 

The Brad features a standard oatmeal cookie crust plus huge chocolate chips sprinkled in.

As bite into The Brad, the choco flavor is overpowering… in the nicest way imaginable. I’m a chocolate fan, so The Brad is just up my ally in terms of chocolate bliss. I say the amount of chocolates is just right, but I can see how other people may find it too much.

If you’re a fan of chocolate, The Brad is for you. – Fat And Weird 

Unfortunately, The Brad was quite brittle and challenging to nibble through. I was expecting the chocolates to seep out when I split it open, but there was no chocolate flow. The Brad had an opportunity to make the oozing chocolate bliss happen, but it fell short of my hopes.

Overall, the Brad is an oversized take on the iconic oatmeal choco cookie. Although it needs some work in terms of idea and texture, it’s still an elevated version of your standard oatmeal cookie.

Wrapping Up 

There you go – my 5 best Fat And Weird Cookies options. Of course, this is only a reference; thus, if you set your eyes on some other names, feel free to try them. Also, comment down below your favorite cookies and why you like them. I’d love to know! 



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