Italian Cooking Classes Near Me: 4 Best Online Courses In 2023

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I’ve always wanted to learn Italian cuisine yet can’t find decent Italian cooking classes near me. If you’re like me, here’s great news: You don’t have to fly to Italy to master making Italian food at home! 

Indeed, Eatnlivewell’s team has invited 3 Italian cọoks to join a fun survey where we have them shortlist the top 4 online Italian cooking classes on the internet! And here’s the result.

4 Best Online Courses Ranked By Italians In 2023

Course Who’s this course for? What you’ll learn Certificate
Basic Italian Cooking Skills

Attend Now

Beginners and amateurs  The art of Italian cooking.How to cook 16 most famous Italian recipes.How to mix spices and prepare delectable dishes. Yes 
Cooking Italian for Beginners 

Attend Now

Beginners Classic, authentic Italian dishes.Homemade Italian recipes.An industry insider’s guide to Italian cooking. No
Liguria Cooking Course

Attend Now

Beginners How to prepare classic Italian Riviera dishes.How to cook an entire Italian Riviera dinner from the start.How to cook Liguria basil pesto and make pasta al pesto like a local.How to prepare authentic and wholesome Italian food. No
Fresh Pasta & Italian Food Masterclass

Attend Now

Beginners and advanced chefs Fresh Pasta making.Cooking with creativity.How to master Italian food like Ravioli and filled pasta. No

Udemy: Basic Italian Cooking Skills

Let’s begin with “Basic Italian Cooking Skills,” one of the most famous Italian cooking courses on Udemy with nearly 200 positive reviews. 

This is the best cooking program for comprehensive Italian cuisine study. It will kick-start your longstanding passion for appetizers, pasta, entrees, and side dishes for lovers of Italian food.

This Udemy’s training focuses on the originality and mastery of Italian cooking. You will learn about different kinds of pasta, veggies, seafood, meats, and fish in 16 sessions.

Participants will first discover how to make Soffritto and utilize it to make tomato sauces and pasta using tomato juice and basil.

“Basic Italian Cooking Skills” has the highest rating on Udemy. –  TrumpLearning

In the subsequent sessions, you’ll learn everything about noodles, including Carbonara, homemade Pesto, Risotto using saffrons, Linguine with fresh mussels, and Pasta dishes with shrimp and shells.

The following lectures are on veggies. You’ll master how to make Caponata and flawless grilled and roasted potatoes. Then, you’ll move on to meats, emphasizing meatballs paired with homemade tomato sauce and Milanese steaks. Ultimately, you will learn how to prepare 4 seafood entrees.

What you’ll learn:

  • The art of Italian cooking.
  • How to cook 16 most famous Italian recipes.
  • How to mix spices and prepare delectable dishes.

“Having lived in Naples, Italy for three years due to my military career, learning from Chef Luca brought back so many memories. He reminded me of some chefs I met and became very good friends with at Maroder’s (sp) in Varcaturo. 

Anyway, his videos are spot on how I remember the Italian chef’s cook. His very practical and no non-sense approach proves anyone can cook and enjoy Italian food as much as I do” – Micheal W.

Udemy: Cooking Italian for Beginners 

Have you always wished to learn how to prepare Italian food in your own home? And, more crucially, how do you cook these dishes in the style the Italians do? If that’s what you’re after, search no more! This is the best Italian cooking class for beginners.

Azlin Bloor, your instructor, will take us back to the fundamentals and get things real in this course.

“Cooking Italian for Beginners” will teach you from a newbie to a pro cook. – CMUSE 

You’ll learn about the core of Italian food, a mix of regional dishes and techniques. There are many cooking styles, from Milanese and Piedmontese to Tuscan, Roman, and many more – all will be learned in this course.

Then, Azlin will go through the complexities of numerous Italian ingredients, including their applications and alternatives, so you may grasp their impacts on any dish and use them correctly in Italian cuisine.

After that, you will discover how to skillfully prepare and deliver 8 distinctive recipes (Antipasto platters, Insalata Caprese, Fresh Pasta, Ravioli, Pesto, Bolognese, Spaghetti Alla Carbonara, Pizza).

What you’ll learn:

  • Classic, authentic Italian dishes.
  • Homemade Italian recipes.
  • An industry insider’s guide to Italian cooking.

“I love learning the basic recipes for Italian cooking. I enjoy learning about different cultures and customs. In fact, I know how to speak three different languages which are Spanish, English, and Italian. However, this is not revenant. This aside, I enjoyed learning about Italian cooking.” – Stephany G.

Udemy: Liguria Cooking Course 

Want some authentic Italian recipes from an insightful home-cook/food journalist? This Liguria-influenced cuisine class is for you.

This program will introduce the most classic Italian Riviera recipes, such as the renowned basil Pesto. Enrica Monzani (your teacher) will do it the same way she used to show her visitors at home.

“Liguria Cooking Course” will teach you the most authentic Liguria cooking. – A Small Kitchen In Genoa

She will explain the preparations step-by-step, frequently granting all of the tips and tactics she has mastered from repeatedly cooking these meals, initially under her grandmother’s guidance and later by herself.

Enrica will also reveal numerous secrets of Italian Riviera cuisine. While preparing, she will give you facts about the food’s history and cultural ingredients. This will be more than just an Italian cooking lesson; it will also be a cuisine tour of the Italian Riviera.

Expect the class to begin with a full Ligurian dinner (appetizer, pasta dish, entree, side salad, and desserts) perfect for any time of the year.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare classic Italian Riviera dishes.
  • How to cook an entire Italian Riviera dinner from the start.
  • How to cook Liguria basil pesto and make pasta al pesto like a local.
  • How to prepare authentic and wholesome Italian food.

“Wonderful course. The instructor has an approachable, pleasant teaching style. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about the incredible world of Italian cooking!” – Thomas Scott C.

Udemy: Fresh Pasta & Italian Food Masterclass

Always wished to master how to cook homemade pasta by yourself but didn’t know where to begin? If the answer is yes, then this masterclass Italian cooking course is definitely for you. It’s the best for learning pasta, spaghetti, and similar Italian dishes. 

This program will teach you how to cook homemade spaghetti by hand at home and turn it into visually appealing meals. Everything you need is some basic tools and a couple of ingredients.

 “Fresh Pasta & Italian Food Masterclass” will help you master the art of pasta. – Viator

Macro Lupo, your instructor (an 8-year professional Italian chef), will show everyone step-by-step how to produce an excellent dough and mold it into exquisite Tagliatelle, Ravioli, and Tortellini.

Beginning with wheat and eggs, you’ll have delicious fresh pasta to pair with your preferred sauces (even the Parmesan sauce recipes or crema sauce). He’ll also teach you some bonus cooking techniques in Italian style!

Macro will also show you the principles of certain traditional Italian seasonings, sophisticated visual presentation, and how to become a professional chef/cook.

What you’ll learn:

  • Fresh Pasta making.
  • Cooking with creativity.
  • How to master Italian food like Ravioli and filled pasta.

“Mirroring the real Italian cuisine” – Ernesto F.

Wrapping Up

The best online Italian cooking classes, will help you gain better insights and techniques about this classic cuisine from the comfort of your own house. They are perfect for those like me who have no time for “offline Italian cooking classes near me” but still want to master the art of Italian cooking.

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